Reducing Emissions Through Connected Solutions

The adoption of natural refrigeration continues to rise, and with it, comes additional regulations and guidelines to help keep people, places, and the planet safe. MSA Bacharach has developed solutions to meet IIAR, EN 378, and CSA B52 compliance.

Explore Safety City’s Cold Storage facility below to compare diffusion and aspirated leak detection systems in a practical application. Click the buttons within the interactive infographic to expand the context.

Success Story Reducing Grocery Store Refrigerant Emissions 1

Success Story

Learn how a food retail chain reduced annual emissions from the industry average of 20-25% down to below 7% by implementing our Connected Solution and enforcing rapid response protocol.

Single-Zone (1 port)

  • Continuous PPM & %LEL measurement in a single device
  • Indoor-mounted vent line monitoring
  • 3 alarm level relay & 4-20mA signal
  • Non-depleting, long-life infrared sensor
  • Compliant with IIAR standards

Multi-Zone (4-16 port)

  • Identify leaks sooner with multiple close proximity sample points
  • 3 alarm level relay & 4-20mA signal
  • Non-depleting, long-life infrared sensor
  • Connected remote monitoring & alerting
  • Compliant with IIAR standards

Monitor Low-Level Leaks with Aspirated Sampling

Extreme Sampling Environment
-50° to 120°F (-45° to 49°C)

Multi-Point Detection
4-16 Zones

Vast Detection Range
0 – 10,000 ppm
HFCs: 0-10K
NH3: 10-10K
CO2: 300-8K

Long Sensor Life
7-10 Years

Continuous Calibration
Clean Air Sampling

Over-Range Recovery
(No Replacement)

Graph showing refrigerant concentrations associated with an "Over-nighter" leak event.

Connected Solutions Monitoring

Pairing MSA Bacharach’s fixed gas systems with the Parasense platform provides 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities with real-time visibility of low-level leak activities. Predetermined alarm levels alert facility management of elevated gas concentrations, enabling the quickest resolution to gas leaks.

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