Parasense Enterprise Leak Detection (ELD) Software

Refrigerant leak detection alert notification and visibility for rapid response across your entire enterprise

Enterprise Leak Detection (ELD) software gives you direct visibility of any refrigerant leaks in your connected solutions facility. Covering all your equipment – including display cases, cold rooms, compressor racks, and more, across all the locations in your enterprise. This gives you industry-leading refrigerant management and notification tools to help you reduce operating costs; gain regulatory compliance, and become a leader in sustainability and efficiency:

  • Support carbon neutral goals through effective rapid response to refrigerant leaks.
  • Greater visibility across your enterprise.
  • Robust, effective, easy to use refrigerant compliance software
  • Easily achieve regulatory compliance for EPA 608, CARB and F-Gas reporting when combined with Parasense RTC
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The Parasense Enterprise Leak Detection (ELD) software provides live event monitoring and notification of Bacharach leak detection and monitoring across your organization. ELD provides direct visualization and notification of leak data so should a refrigerant leak be detected within the monitored facility or store – and for all the other stores in the chain, the enterprise software notifies the relevant teams immediately so that a rapid response, find and fix operation can be carried out.


The MSA Connected Solution provides Live leak detection information from your connected leak detection and monitoring equipment, across your entire enterprise – covering all your refrigeration equipment, across all your sites.


ELD provides instant alarms and notifications once a refrigerant leak is found – straight to your phone, desktop or any other connected device wherever you are.


With ELD, an engineer can be notified and called to site immediately for a rapid response and repair. The speed of notification means a refrigerant leak can be flagged, found and fixed within moments – greatly reducing the environmental cost and also the cost of lost revenue.

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