Combustion Analyzer Sensor Exchange Program

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Save Time & Money

With Bacharach combustion and CO analyzers, there’s an alternative to factory service calibration.  Bacharach’s exclusive sensor exchange program, B-Smart®.  B-Smart® is available for INSIGHT, INSIGHT® Plus, InTech®, Monoxor® Plus, PCA®3, and PCA® 400 analyzers.

(Available only in the USA and Canada)

Follow these simple steps...

Step #1

Choose a program start date that best suits your needs.  Replacement sensors are shipped at pre-determined intervals of your choice.

Step #2

Receive your pre-calibrated B-smart® sensor in a returnable, pre-labeled container.  Simply return your old sensor in the supplied postage-paid envelope.

Step #3

Exclusive plug-n-play installation is quick & easy.  Following the instructions, snap your pre-calibrated sensor(s) into the analyzer, and enter the B-Smart code number(s).

Choose the right B-Smart® Program for you


Insight® Plus
Monoxor® Plus
PCA® 3
PCA® 400
2 Sensor Program
 12-month Intervals

$221 USD

 12-month Intervals

$221 USD

 12-month Intervals

$221 USD

 12-month Intervals

$221 USD

4 Sensor Program
NA NA NA NA  9-month Intervals

$420 USD

 9-month Intervals

$420 USD


You decide when you want to receive your B-Smart® sensor for calibration. Simply select the date you want to receive your first B-Smart® sensor.

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