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Webinar: EPA 608 Compliance Checklist

Whether you're a refrigeration contractor, equipment owner or facility manager, maintaining regulatory compliance is critical to your business's success. If you're struggling with the recent changes to EPA Section 608, this educational webinar will help you understand the new refrigerant tracking requirements and what you must do to maintain compliance.


Savings Calculator: What is Your Refrigerant Worth

As anyone in the refrigeration industry is already well aware, refrigerant prices have skyrocketed over the last year. See how much you could be saving by implementing a low-level refrigerant leak detection system to monitor your refrigeration equipment.


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Are Refrigerant Leaks Dangerous?

You might ask, are refrigerant leaks dangerous? The answer is yes, and that’s the focus of this post. In fact, refrigerant leaks are dangerous from an environmental, health and safety perspective.

Nearly every refrigerant today poses some kind of danger. That’s because there is no “ideal” refrigerant, and the likelihood of developing an “ideal” one is low, according to the EPA.


Sources of Carbon Monoxide in the Home

Poorly maintained heating appliances can be sources of carbon monoxide in the home. In fact, residential carbon monoxide poisoning is “the most common scenario for CO [carbon monoxide] exposure, accounting for most non-fatal injuries and almost half of deaths caused by CO.”

Importantly, homeowners are at a heightened risk for carbon monoxide poisoning during the winter months, and a regular heating inspection (at least annual) should be a priority in order to ensure properly working equipment and their personal safety.


Bacharach in the News

Bacharach MGS-400 to Simplify ASHRAE 15 Refrigerant Safety Compliance

The MGS-400 gas detectors support safety compliance inside of machinery rooms, mechanical rooms, chiller plants, cold storage facilities, and walk-in freezers by monitoring for dangerous refrigerant leaks. The ability to detect refrigerant leaks and quickly initiate alarm systems help... Read More

Bacharach Enhances Refrigerant Management Software

Bacharach announces a new release to the Parasense Platform to support requirements for refrigerant management. The new release provides users a streamlined regulation workflow enabling clear compliance with the EPA 608 requirements for 2019, as well as CARB and F-Gas regulations. The newest release of the Parasense Platform blends a user toolset... Read More

PCA 400 Praised by Construction Equipment Magazine

Bacharach is pleased to announce that its newest combustion and emissions analyzer, the PCA® 400, is among “The Top 100 New Products” awarded by Construction Equipment Magazine. Bacharach received the award for their significant investment, work and innovation in research and development...Read More