If you’re struggling with the recent EPA 608 legislation changes for 2019 then watch the new Bacharach webinar, based on the hugely popular EPA 608 compliance checklist for 2019. The checklist released in November 2018 provided a timely tool for refrigerant contractors and equipment owners. Although originally written with the food retail industry in mind, many people found it a useful document to assist in attaining legislation compliance across a wide range of applications.

The EPA 608 compliance checklist webinar will teach you how we’ve simplified the compliance workflow for you and presented it in an easy to follow format. You’ll learn about the seven items for compliance:

  • Robust record keeping
  • Leak rate calculations
  • Equipment leak thresholds
  • Leak repair timeframes
  • Leak inspection requirements
  • Retrofit and retirements timescales
  • Chronically leaking appliance reporting


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