Fundamentals of Leak Detection Webinar

Fundamentals of Refrigerant Leak Detection

Join Bacharach and refrigerant leak detection experts for a free educational webinar which examines the common drivers behind the adoption of a refrigerant leak detection program and common sensor technologies used to achieve.

Refrigerant Leak Event Webinar

Refrigerant Leak Events

After analyzing more than 2.8 billion refrigerant leak samples, the experts at Bacharach have compiled a list of five common refrigerant leak types. Watch this free on-demand webinar to learn more about these leaks and what you can do to stop them.

EPA 608 Compliance Checklist 2019 Webinar

EPA 608 Compliance Checklist 2019

Based on Bacharach’s hugely popular EPA 608 Compliance Checklist, this free educational webinar is designed to help refrigeration contractors & equipment owners who are struggling to comply with recent revisions to EPA 608.

MGS-400 Series Overview Webinar

MGS-400 Series Overiew

Join members of the Bacharach team as they present an overview of the MGS-400 Gas Detection Series. The MGS-400 is a complete leak detection solution, designed specifically for safety compliance (ASHRAE 15, EN-378, CAN B52-13) in refrigeration applications (machinery rooms, chillers, cold storage, walk-in freezers).