Technical Support

Bacharach has a very experienced technical support staff. Each staff member is trained extensively on our entire product portfolio, ensuring that they’re able to assist with any issue. If your instrument is able to be fixed, they can tell you how. If your instrument needs servicing, they will provide the best option for the shortest turnaround time and lowest price. If you need a whole new instrument, they can assist in your decision on which instrument will best fit your needs.

North America

The North American technical support staff can be reached at: +1 724-334-5000, or toll free at 1-800-736-4666. After dialing, select option 2, and then option 2 again.

The North American technical support staff includes:

  • Larry Bartholf
  • Tom Mac


The technical support staff in Europe can be reached at: +353 1 284 6388

The European technical support staff includes:

  • Neil Grennan
  • Greg Gorla
  • Graham Coleman

Larry Bartholf

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Tom Mac


Neil Grennan


Greg Gorla


Graham Coleman