Here is our current list of SDS’s (Safety Data Sheets). Listings may be sorted vertically, or searched through the search bar to the right.

Product TypeProduct NumberSDS NumberEff. DateDescription
Sling Psychrometer12-701299-0275Apr. 2014Sling Psychrometer - Red Spirit Filled
Sensor24-010899-0138Apr. 2014Replacement Oxygen Sensor
Sensor24-707099-0138Apr. 2014Replacement Oxygen Sensor
Sensor24-707199-0138Apr. 2014Sensor, O2 "R" Cell
Sensor51-733199-0138Apr. 2014Replacement Oxygen Sensor
Sensor51-734899-0138Apr. 2014Sensor, O2 ’R’ Cell
Sensor51-807399-0138Apr. 2014Sensor, O2 ’R’ Cell
Repair Kit11-705499-0004Mar. 2015Repair Kit, O2
Manometer Fluid17-002599-0003Mar. 2014Fluid, Manometer
H10G/H10PM/H10 PRO Reference Leak Bottle3015-086499-0133Mar. 2013Reference Leak Bottle, R11
Classic Fyrite10-500099-0006Nov. 2015CO2 Classic Fyrite - Filled
Classic Fyrite10-500299-0006Nov. 2015Service "5002" Kit
Classic Fyrite10-502099-0006Nov. 2015Fyrite Fluid CO2
Classic Fyrite10-502299-0006Nov. 2015S/C Utility "5022" Kit
Classic Fyrite10-503299-0006Nov. 2015Fyrite Fluid CO2
Classic Fyrite10-503399-0006Nov. 2015Fyrite Fluid CO2
Classic Fyrite10-505799-0006Nov. 201520% & 60% CO2 Fyrite Fluid
Classic Fyrite10-510099-0006Nov. 20157.6% CO2 Fyrite Fluid
Classic Fyrite11-005799-0006Nov. 2015Fluid, Fyrite, CO2
Classic Fyrite11-005899-0006Nov. 2015Fluid, Fyrite, CO2 7%
Classic Fyrite11-704799-0006Nov. 2015Fyrite Fluid CO2
Classic Fyrite11-705299-0006Nov. 2015Fyrite Fluid CO2
Classic Fyrite10-501199-0004Mar. 2015O2 Classic Fyrite - Filled
Classic Fyrite10-506099-0004Mar. 201521% & 60% O2 Fyrite Fluid
Classic Fyrite11-005999-0004Mar. 2015Fluid, Fyrite, O2
Classic Fyrite11-016999-0004Mar. 2015Fluid, Fyrite, O2
Calibration Gas51-405299-0271May 20151ppm PH3, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas3015-385199-0269May 2015100ppm R134a, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas3015-385299-0269May 2015100ppm R123, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-406999-0267May 2013500ppm R407a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-406499-0266May 201550ppm R404a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-406599-0266May 2015100ppm R404a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-406699-0266May 2015500ppm R404a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-406799-0266May 20151000ppm R404a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-406899-0266May 201550ppm R407a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-405899-0264May 201550ppm R22, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-405999-0264May 2015100ppm R22, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-406099-0264May 2015500ppm R22, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-406199-0264May 20151000ppm R22, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-405499-0263May 201550ppm R134a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-405599-0263May 2015100ppm R134a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-405699-0263May 2015500ppm R134a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-405799-0263May 20151000ppm R134a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-403599-0262May 20155ppm Ethylene Oxide (EtO), Balanace Nitrogen
Calibration Gas3015-38503015-3850May 2015100ppm R22, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-407099-0200May 201550ppm R410a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-407199-0200May 2015500ppm R410a, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-713051-7130May 2015250 ppm CO/Air
Calibration Gas24-112599-0196May 2015CO2, 50%; O2, 23.5%; Methane 2.5%, Balance Nitrogen or Helium
Calibration Gas24-112699-0196May 2015CO2, 50%; O2, 23.5%; Methane 2.5%, Balance Nitrogen or Helium
Calibration Gas24-113099-0196May 20152500 ppm CO2, ±5 ppm, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-400899-0196May 20151% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-400999-0196May 20151.5% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401099-0196May 20152.5% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401199-0196May 20155% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401299-0196May 201510% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401399-0196May 201515% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401499-0196May 201525% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401599-0196May 201550% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401699-0196May 201575% CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401799-0196May 20151000ppm CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401899-0196May 20152500ppm CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-401999-0196May 20154000ppm CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-402099-0196May 20155000ppm CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-402199-0196May 20157500ppm CO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas54-060099-0196May 2015CO2, 0.005-50%; O2,0-23.5%; Meth., 0-2.5%; Balance Nitrogen or Helium
Calibration Gas54-060199-0196May 2015CO2, 0.005-50%; O2,0-23.5%; Meth.,0-2.5%; Balance Nitrogen or Helium
Calibration Gas54-060599-0196May 2015CO2, 0.0005-50%; O2, 0-23.5%; Meth., 0-2.5%, Balance Nitrogen or Helium
Calibration Gas54-060699-0196May 2015CO2, 0.0005-50%; O2, 0-23.5%; Meth., 0-2.5%, Balance Nitrogen or Helium
Calibration Gas54-060799-0196May 2015CO2, 0.0005-50%; O2, 0-23.5%; Meth., 0-2.5%, Balance Nitrogen or Helium
Calibration Gas24-115699-0195May 2015250 ppm Nitric Oxide ±5 ppm, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas24-115799-0195May 2015100 ppm Nitrogen Dioxide ±2 ppm, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas24-150799-0195May 2015Nitric Oxide 0.0005-0.02%, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-404599-0195May 201525ppm NO, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-404699-0195May 201550ppm NO, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-404799-0195May 201510ppm NO, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas54-030699-0195May 2015Nitric Oxide 0.0001-0.02%, Bal. Nit
Calibration Gas24-079499-0193May 20151000ppm CO, 1000ppm H2, Bal. Nit
Calibration Gas24-149499-0193May 2015100ppm CO, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-402599-0193May 2015100ppm CO, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-402799-0193May 20151000 CO, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-316099-0192May 20151-500ppm Ammonia in Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-400099-0192May 201525ppm Ammonia in Air
Calibration Gas51-400199-0192May 201550ppm Ammonia in Air
Calibration Gas51-400299-0192May 2015100ppm Ammonia in Air
Calibration Gas51-400399-0192May 2015250ppm Ammonia in Air
Calibration Gas51-400499-0192May 2015500ppm Ammonia in Air
Calibration Gas51-400599-0192May 20151000ppm Ammonia in Air
Calibration Gas51-400699-0192May 20151000ppm Ammonia in Air
Calibration Gas51-400799-0192May 20155000ppm Ammonia in Air
Calibration Gas51-315999-0191May 20151-100ppm Hydrogen Chloride in Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-404299-0191May 20155ppm HCL, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas9550-013099-0191May 20151-100ppm Hydrogen Chloride in Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-289999-0165May 2015<500ppm CO,<2.5% Methane,18-21% Oxygen in Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-296999-0165May 2015<500ppm CO,<2.5% Methane,18-21% Oxygen in Nitrogen
Calibration Gas24-115899-0155May 2015100 ppm Sulfur Dioxide ±2 ppm, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-030899-0155May 2015Sulfur Dioxide 10ppm/Air
Calibration Gas51-247599-0155May 2015Sulfur Dioxide 10ppm/Air
Calibration Gas51-407599-0155May 2015100ppm SO2, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-247699-0153May 20152-100ppm Chlorine /Nit.
Calibration Gas51-315799-0153May 20152-100ppm Chlorine /Nit.
Calibration Gas51-402299-0153May 20155ppm Chlorine, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-247499-0152May 2015Hydrogen Sulfide 25ppm/Air
Calibration Gas51-404399-0152May 20155ppm H2S, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-404499-0152May 201525ppm H2S, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas24-033099-0027May 20150.1-17.9% Oxygen/Nitrogen
Calibration Gas24-033199-0027May 201520.9% Oxygen/Nitrogen
Calibration Gas24-078199-0027May 20150.1-17.9% Oxygen/Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-404999-0027May 201520.9% O2, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-405099-0027May 201523% O2, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-405199-0027May 201519% O2, Balance Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-713199-0027May 201520.9% Oxygen/Nitrogen
Calibration Gas23-401199-0025May 20151.1% Ethylene/Air
Calibration Gas51-403699-0025May 201510ppm Ethylene (C2H4), Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-403799-0025May 2015500ppm Ethylene (C2H4), Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-403899-0025May 20151000ppm Ethylene (C2H4), Balance Air
Calibration Gas9550-007599-0025May 20151.1% Ethylene/Air
Calibration Gas9550-010199-0025May 20151.1% Ethylene/Air
Calibration Gas23-400599-0020May 201510ppm-2% Hydrogen/Air
Calibration Gas24-049299-0020May 2015500 ppm CO/Air
Calibration Gas24-115599-0020May 20154000ppm CO, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-199499-0020May 2015100 ppm CO/Air
Calibration Gas51-239599-0020May 201510ppm-2% Hydrogen/Air
Calibration Gas51-257699-0020May 201510ppm-2% Hydrogen/Air
Calibration Gas51-257899-0020May 2015Hydrogen 1.6%/Air
Calibration Gas51-402399-0020May 201525ppm CO, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-402499-0020May 201550ppm CO, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-402699-0020May 2015500ppm CO, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-403999-0020May 20151% Hydrogen, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-404099-0020May 2015100ppm Hydrogen, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-404199-0020May 20151000ppm Hydrogen, Balance Air
Calibration Gas9550-003999-0020May 201510ppm-2% Hydrogen/Air
Calibration Gas9550-005899-0020May 201510ppm-2% Hydrogen/Air
Calibration Gas23-400399-0018May 2015100% Nitrogen
Calibration Gas51-405399-0018May 2015Pure Nitrogen
Calibration Gas9550-004999-0018May 2015100% Nitrogen
Calibration Gas23-400299-0017May 201510ppm-1.1% Propane/Air
Calibration Gas23-400999-0017May 201510ppm-1.1% Propane/Air
Calibration Gas50-018999-0017May 201510ppm-1.1% Propane/Air
Calibration Gas50-019099-0017May 201510ppm-1.1% Propane/Air
Calibration Gas51-008299-0017May 201510ppm-1.1% Propane/Air
Calibration Gas51-153899-0017May 201510ppm-1.1% Propane/Air
Calibration Gas51-402899-0017May 201525% LEL Propane (C3H8), Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-402999-0017May 201550% LEL Propane (C3H8), Balance Air
Calibration Gas23-147399-0013May 201510ppm-2.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas23-215599-0013May 201510ppm-2.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas23-400699-0013May 201510ppm-2.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas23-400899-0013May 20152.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas24-142399-0013May 201550ppm Methane, Balance Air
Calibration Gas24-142499-0013May 2015100ppm Methane, Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-112199-0013May 201510ppm-2.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas51-181699-0013May 201510ppm-2.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas51-181899-0013May 201510ppm-2.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas51-239499-0013May 2015Methane 2%
Calibration Gas51-257599-0013May 201510ppm-2.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas51-257799-0013May 2015Methane 2%
Calibration Gas51-289899-0013May 201510ppm-2.5% Methane/Air
Calibration Gas51-403099-0013May 201550% LEL Butane (C4H10), Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-403199-0013May 201525% LEL Methane (CH4), Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-403299-0013May 201550% LEL Methane (CH4), Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-403399-0013May 20152500ppm Methane (CH4), Balance Air
Calibration Gas51-403499-0013May 20155000ppm Methane (CH4), Balance Air
Calibration Gas9550-007099-0132June 20101.15% Acetylene/Air
Calibration Gas51-404899-0195May 20155ppm NO2, Balance Air
Calibration Gas54-030799-0195May 201520 ppm Nitrogen Dioxide ±1 ppm, Bal. Air
Battery Pack3015-574399-0142Apr. 2014Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Battery Pack51-236899-0139Apr. 2014Lead Acid Battery Pack
Classic Fyrite99-0006 (FR)Nov. 2015Fluid, Fyrite, CO2 (French)
Classic Fyrite99-0004 (FR)Mar. 2012Fluid, Fyrite, O2 (French)