For more information on Neutronics product calibration / repair services, please see:
Neutronics Calibration / Repair Services | Neutronics Service Policy | Neutronics Return Procedure | Neutronics FAQs

Following all of the instructions below will ensure your instrument is serviced and returned to you without any delays. All equipment MUST include a Service Request Form with a Return Number BEFORE it is shipped to Bacharach for service.

  • Review the Service Request Form to find your instrument. If not on the list, please contact customer service at +1 (610) 524-8800 or at
  • Complete the Service Request Form
    • Please be sure to include all required information
    • EXCLUDE credit card information (security reasons). We will contact you for this information prior to returning your instrument
    • Include detailed information for service required and/or the symptom of the problem[1]
    • Review all information for accuracy
  • You will receive an email confirmation that your request has been processed. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1-2 business hours, please contact customer service
  • Your return paperwork will be emailed to you within 2 business days [2]
  • Include the return paperwork in the package and retain a copy for your records [3]
  • Include all accessories (probes, printers, carrying case, etc.) with your return
  • Write the return number on the outside of the shipping carton

[1]The more information you provide will help us to ensure your instrument is repaired correctly. Some malfunctions can be intermittent and may not be duplicaed in our evaluation process
[2]Missing information, new accounts and other issues may delay the processing of your return request
[3]Retaining a copy of the return paperwork will help us to track your repair if you need to contact us about its status

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