Bacharach maintains calibration and repair facilities at our manufacturing centers to provide the best possible service and support for our customers. The services performed on returned instruments are warranted for 90 days after the date of return shipment to the customer. Items such as sensors, pumps, filters and batteries have their own associated warranties.

How To Request Service

Should your Bacharach product require service or maintenance, you may request service in several ways:

  • contact your local Bacharach-authorized distributor from whom it was purchased
  • contact Bacharach directly using the Bacharach website and the electronic RMA form
  • call the Bacharach customer service team toll-free at 800-736-4666 and select option 2 for “Repair and Warranty”

RMA Procedure

Prior to returning any equipment for service, you must have a pre-approved RMA document to return with the product. The document contains an RMA tracking number, as well as the customer-reported description of the product defect or service request. The RMA document also contains the customer contact name, contact e-mail / phone number, shipping / billing information and service / repair pre-approval.

Return the instrument in its original packaging to the address below. If the original packaging is not available, carefully pack the instrument to prevent damage during transport. Bacharach is neither responsible or liable for any shipping damages that may occur. Be sure to include the RMA documentation and any associated shipping documents in the package. Conspicuously mark the approved RMA number in two places:

  • on the outside of the shipping box, and
  • on the address line of the shipping label as noted below

Bacharach, Inc.
621 Hunt Valley Circle
New Kensinton, PA 15068
ATTN: Service Department RMA #xxxx

Charges and Fees

Should the repair or required service be more extensive than the pre-approved work, you will be contacted with a cost estimate for the expected service or repair prior to the performance of the work. For liability reasons, Bacharach performs all needed repairs to restore the instrument to full operating conditions and specifications.

Instruments received without an appropriate pre-approved RMA and associated documentation will be subject to a $50 processing fee in addition to the repair / service fees.

Timely customer approval of service / repair quotes is critical. Instruments left at Bacharach for more than 30 days without a customer’s approval of the service / repair quote are returned to the customer / distributor in their original “received” condition, accompanied with a minimum labor / estimate fee (from $100.00 to $150.00, dependent on the instrument type) plus all subsequent shipping charges. In the event of orphaned instruments (equipment left at the Bacharach facility for a period of 60 days without a customer’s quote approval, Bacharach reserves the right to dispose of the equipment at our cost and assumes no liability for said instruments.

Instruments returned unrepaired at the customer’s request are subject to a handling fee (from $50.00 to $95.00, dependent on the instrument type) plus all subsequent shipping charges. If the customer instructs Bacharach to scrap the instrument, the fee is waived.

Unauthorized Repairs

Unauthorized distributors / agents may offer to service or repair Bacharach instruments. Note that Bacharach assumes NO liability for services provided by unauthorized service centers. In addition, Bacharach does not honor any service warranties that may be provided by unauthorized service centers. The latest list of Bacharach-approved service center partners is available under the “Service Locations” tab.

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