Following all of the instructions below will ensure your instrument is serviced and returned to you without any delays. All equipment MUST include a Service Request Form with a Return Number BEFORE it is shipped to Bacharach for service.

  • Review the Service Request From to find your instrument. If not on the list, please contact customer service at (800) 736-4666 extension 2 or at
  • On the Service Request Form, total the “Not to Exceed” cost and include any applicable fees (NIST certs, Priority Service, etc.). Pre-approved orders will expedite the return of your instrument [1]
  • 24 Hour Priority Repair Service is available on most instruments. See 24 Hour Service Guide for qualifying instruments
  • Complete the Service Request Form
    • Please be sure to include all required information and the pre-approved total
    • EXCLUDE credit card information (security reasons). We will contact you for this information prior to returning your instrument
    • Include detailed information for service required and/or the symptom of the problem[2]
    • Review all information for accuracy
    • Check the “Agreements” check box
    • Enter the verification code as displayed on the screen
    • Click the “Send” button to submit your repair request
  • You will receive an immediate email confirmation that your request has been processed. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1-2 business hours, please contact customer service
  • Your return paperwork will be emailed to you within 1 business day [3]
  • Include the return paperwork in the package and retain a copy for your records [4]
  • Include all accessories (probes, printers, carrying case, etc.) with your return [5]
  • Write either the return number or attach the PRIORITY label for rush service on the outside of the shipping carton

[1]The “Not to Exceed” cost is the maximum repair cost. The actual repair cost will be applied to your order and in most cases is less than the not to exceed cost. We will call for authorization if the cost exceeds the pre-approved amount
[2]The more information you provide will help us to ensure your instrument is repaired correctly. Some malfunctions can be intermittent and may not be duplicaed in our evaluation process
[3]Most requests are processed the same day and returned within 24 hours. Missing information, new accounts and other issues may delay the processing of your return request
[4]Retaining a copy of the return paperwork will help us to track your repair if you need to contact us about its status
[5]Batteries can be included with your returned instrument except for the litium ion battery for the PGM-IR. Please retain the lithium battery and return your PGM-IR without the battery. See the Frequently Asked Questions for applicable part numbers

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