Improve Customer Service with Bacharach Apps

Not only does Bacharach manufacture the instruments and data solutions that make HVAC-R safer, cleaner and more energy efficient; we also develop the apps that make your service calls quicker, easier, and more efficient. These apps offer technicians an opportunity to increase sales and build stronger relationships for repeat business. See the information below to learn more about our apps:

Generate Custom Reports with the Combustion App

Bacharach’s Combustion app, the companion app to our Fyrite InTech®Fyrite Insight®, and PCA® 400 combustion analyzers, provides technicians the ability to generate and send customizable combustion reports from their smartphone / tablet.

Features of the Combustion App:

  • QR Code Scanner (Intech & Insight Plus only): Scan a QR code generated on the analyzer display screen for immediate creation and transmission of combustion reports
  • Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity (PCA 400 only): View real-time combustion data from your device, simultaneously save data to the mobile app and to the analyzer memory, and remotely start / stop the analyzer sampling pump
  • Set up customer profiles with facility and equipment information
  • Save and view records of test data
  • Generate reports in PDF, CSV, or XML format using saved records
  • Send or share a report file as an email attachment or to a cloud storage service
  • Include up to 10 data records in a single report
  • Insert comments for each data record in a report

Required Firmware Versions:

To take advantage of all of the features provided in the Combustion app, make sure your analyzer is updated to the most recent firmware version , available on our firmware page. The Bacharach Combustion App is compatible with the following instrument firmware versions:

  • Fyrite InTech (V1.30 or later)
  • Fyrite Insight Plus (V1.30 or later)
  • PCA 400 (V1.17.4594 or later)

Maintain Safety Compliance with the MGS-400 App

The Bacharach MGS-400 App allows users to configure, maintain and interface with MGS-400 gas detectors, including the MGS-410MGS-450 and MGS-460. Once a Bluetooth connection has been established, the app replaces the need for specialty training/tools and makes compliance with safety standards (ASHRAE 15, EN 378) easy and effective.

Features of the MGS-400 App

  • Rename device, define alarm thresholds, adjust Modbus settings, configure relay behavior and manage analog output settings
  • Test LED / buzzer functionality, relays, and analog output level
  • View sensor type, serial number and “Calibration Due” timer and initiate zero / span calibrations with customizable field calibration certificate
  • View current gas measurement and acknowledge alarm / fault status