I am a Refrigeration Technician in Perth, Western Australia with over 20 years of experience across all aspects of commercial and domestic refrigeration. I was first introduced to the Bacharach PGM IR when I started with a major supermarket chain over 4 years ago, what can I say it has changed the way that I approach checking for leaks.

On my first experience using the PGM-IR we were searching for leaks within a supermarket whereby we were having issues with the low temp rack losing refrigerant. The PGM-IR with its display and its ability to read in PPM allows you to sweep through various sections of the store with ease, not only saving time and money but being able to close in on a leak quickly and efficiently. In this instance we had searched most of the store except pipework running from the rack system to 2 of Freezer rooms. Upon tracing the pipework from the plantroom to the rooms we followed the pipework with the PGM-IR.

“So all in all, the Bacharach PGM-IR for myself and my colleagues, is a gamechanger!!”

Our method for using the machine in this instance was running the sensing wand underneath the suction line that was covered in insulation, as we followed the pipework we also followed the display and we noticed the PPM reading was getting higher as we kept moving. The breakthrough was when the display jumped up erratically, we stopped, peeled back the insulation and the leak was a crack just shy of an expansion joint on the pipework, the PGM-IR has led us straight to the leak once we had identified what we had to check.

So all in all, the Bacharach PGM-IR for myself and my colleagues, is a gamechanger!! Nothing but great experiences with it and a 100 percent strike rate for finding leaks once you learn how to use it properly.

The most powerful, accurate portable refrigerant leak detector

  • 1 ppm Minimum Detectable Level
  • Detect leaks that other instruments can’t
  • Cut leak inspection times
  • Fast response time finds leaks quickly
  • Infrared sensor unaffected by changes in temperature and humidity
  • Real time ppm display quantifies leak to help easily find the source
  • 60+ refrigerants accurately detected with Halogen, CO2, N2O and SF6 versions available

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