The New Standard in Ammonia (NH3) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Leak Detection

Industrial Refrigeration – With remote connectivity, we can provide data-driven insight for leak detection and resolution, which reduces refrigerant emissions and reportable emissions events. Bacharach has solutions to help meet IIAR-2, EN 378, and CSA B52 compliance. 

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Ammonia & CO2 Gas Detection | Environmental Monitoring | Energy Monitoring

MGS-400 Series Gas Detectors

Diffusion-based system for compliance with IIAR, EN 378, and CSA B52. Digital NH3 & CO2 detection easily integrates into new and retrofit applications.

Beyond Compliance, Bacharach Delivers Convenience

Extreme Temperature Range
-40° to 122°F (-40° to 50°C)

On-Board AV Alarms
Visual and audible alarm systems

Easy 1-Person Calibration
Calibrate with our mobile app, or
use pre-calibrated sensors

Minimize Wiring
Reduce wiring by up to 90%
with digital Modbus

Flexible Connectivity
Local relays, Modbus
communications, and analog output

Instant Calibration Reports
PDF reports generated through
mobile app

Durable Waterproof Design
IP66 rated enclosures

Mobile App
Configuration, calibration,
and reporting

Single-Zone (1 port)

  • Continuous PPM & %LEL measurement in a single device
  • Indoor-mounted vent line monitoring
  • 3 alarm level relay & 4-20mA signal
  • Non-depleting, long-life infrared sensor
  • Compliant with IIAR standards

Multi-Zone (4-16 port)

  • Identify leaks sooner with multiple close proximity sample points
  • 3 alarm level relay & 4-20mA signal
  • Non-depleting, long-life infrared sensor
  • Connected remote monitoring & alerting
  • Compliant with IIAR standards

Monitor Low-Level Leaks with Aspirated Sampling

Extreme Sampling Environment
-50° to 120°F (-45° to 49°C)

Multi-Point Detection
4-16 Zones

Vast Detection Range
0 – 10,000 ppm
HFCs: 0-10K
NH3: 10-10K
CO2: 300-8K

Long Sensor Life
7-10 Years

Continuous Calibration
Clean Air Sampling

Over-Range Recovery
(No Replacement)

Graph showing refrigerant concentrations associated with an "Over-nighter" leak event.

Connected Solutions Monitoring

Pairing MSA Bacharach’s fixed gas systems with the Parasense platform provides 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities with real-time visibility of low-level leak activities. Predetermined alarm levels alert facility management of elevated gas concentrations, enabling the quickest resolution to gas leaks.

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