Warehouses and loading docks require suitable gas detection for optimal safety. Fossil fuel engines that include diesel, gasoline, and propane-powered vehicles produce large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). Other components of the exhaust gas include CO, hydrocarbons that have been partially burnt, nitric oxide (NO), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Substantial amounts of particulate matter (smoke) and higher concentrations of NO2 are also prevalent in diesel engine exhaust.

OSHA and building codes specify that owners must insure a safe breathing environment for occupied work areas and public occupancy structures. Appropriate ventilation and monitoring measures must be in place to safeguard the public and facility personnel. The following table shows the stated gas and possible harmful effects along with gas levels:

Hazardous Gas% by VolumeEffects
CO211% (110,000 ppm)Above 7% causes dizziness and headache; prolonged exposure could cause unconsciousness within a few minutes to an hour.
CO0.12% (1200 ppm)Exposure to high concentrations may cause seizure or coma.
NO0.08% (800 ppm)Sustained levels could cause tissue toxicity and vascular collapse.
NO20.08% (800 ppm)Small doses may cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. Continued exposure could cause chronic bronchitis.

In the past, large exhaust fans provided ventilation for loading docks, parking structures, and warehouses. The fans ran continuously or on a schedule; however, continuous ventilation is costly as these large fans require much power. Scheduled cycles decrease power-draw but weather, architectural design, grade, and air circulation caused by movement in the area are all factors that contribute to variations in air quality and exhaust buildup.

Continuous gas detection systems can cycle ventilation systems when gas concentrations approach hazardous levels. This provides an energy efficient and cost effective method for ventilating while minimizing potential hazardous gas buildup and energy waste.

Bacharach provide fixed gas detection systems specifically for loading docks and warehouses that are not only dependable but are scalable to suit your needs.