Bacharach provide solutions for boiler, furnace and engine gas safety assessments and combustion efficiency. Applications include residential, commercial and industrial. Which tool is right for you? Let’s help you decide:



Residential HVAC

CO safety is a major concern for homeowners, so Bacharach offers a full line of combustion & CO analyzers so that HVAC technicians can provide their customers with meaningful, confident test results

Home / Building Inspection & Weatherization

As homes and buildings are made tighter for energy efficiency it is becoming even more important to ensure appliances operate correctly so that human safety isn’t compromised

Midstream Oil / Gas

Emissions controls and compliance are a key part of the oil and gas industry, so Bacharach offers industrial-grade combustion & emissions analyzers to keep things running smoothly in between compliance tests

Engines / Generators

Engines and generators are everywhere and regulations are tough, so keep things running smoothly with one of our industrial-grade combustion & emissions analyzers


Utility companies are critical in keeping businesses, schools, homes and other establishments going so Bacharach offers cost-competitive, feature-rich combustion analyzers to help maintain reliable utilities

Commercial / Industrial Boilers

An experienced boiler technician knows that combustion analyzers are invaluable tools for ensuring safe appliance operation, proper emissions compliance and optimizing equipment longevity and efficiency

 Monoxor® PlusMonoxor® XRInTech®Insight® PlusPCA® 400ECA 450
DRAFT±40 in H2O
(±100 mbar)
±72 in H2O
(±179 mbar)
±27.7 in H2O
(±69 mbar)
CO0 - 2,000 ppm0 - 80,000 ppm0 - 2,000 ppm0 - 4,000 ppm0 - 10,000 ppm0 - 4,000 ppm
CO High0 - 40,000 ppm4,001 - 80,000 ppm
O20 – 20.9%0 – 20.9%0 – 20.9%0 – 20.9%
NO0 - 3,000 ppm0 - 3,500 ppm
NO20 - 500 ppm0 - 500 ppm
SO20 - 5,000 ppm0 - 4,000 ppm
Combustibles0 – 5% volume
Mobile AppData TransferData TransferData TransferData TransferData Transfer,
Remote Operation
Pre-Calibrated SensorsB-Smart®B-Smart®B-Smart®B-Smart®B-Smart®
Furnace Tuning SoftwareTune-Rite™
Memory Locations10100101005001,000

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