HVAC-R is in a transition. Soon many new air conditioning and refrigeration systems will no longer support common HFC refrigerants. F-Gas regulations in Europe and the global understanding of the negative effects of ozone depleting (CFCs and HCFCs) and global warming (HFC) refrigerants has perpetuated the need for new refrigerant solutions. To offer solutions that meet the cooling and environmental requirements of this industry we must now transition to HFO refrigerants. With less environmental effects, we increase the instability of the gas, which leads to greater flammability risks. This transition is adding more refrigerants into an already saturated market and will certainly lead to refrigerant mixing. The only way to be certain of what refrigerant you are handling, to protect the technician and ensure optimization of cooling, is to use a tool designed to verify that gas. Neutronics refrigerant analyzers can provide the solution for you.

Refrigerant contamination in HVAC/R systems can lead to:

  • Component corrosion
  • Elevated head pressures
  • System failures
  • Flammability Hazards

The ability of the technician to determine refrigerant type and purity is severely hampered by the presence of air when attempting to utilize temperature-pressure relations. The development of various substitute refrigerants further complicates the ability of a technician to identify refrigerant purity based solely upon temperature-pressure relationships.

The Neutronics HVAC Refrigerant Analyzers provides a fast, easy, and accurate means to determine refrigerant type and purity in systems or cylinders. These analyzers utilize non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology to determine the weight concentrations of common refrigerants and can be valuable in identifying refrigerant contamination, blend concentration and the presence of non-condensable gasses which can lead to system inefficiencies or failures. Refrigerant analyzers provide the protection for the technician and the confidence that refrigerant contamination will not affect the integrity of your service and ensure optimization of the HVACR system.

Legend Series™ HFC Refrigerant Analyzer