When used in paints and coatings, solvents dissolve or disperse different components used in the formulation (such as pigment and resin), making the product the desired consistency for application. Once it is applied, the solvent evaporates, allowing resin and pigment to produce a film (a coat of paint) and dry rapidly.

When solvents are used, flash fires and explosions are a very real threat to many manufacturers. Using nitrogen or other gases to create inert gas atmospheres is a widely used practice that reliably protects against flash fires and explosions. By continuously measuring oxygen levels and adding inert gas only as needed, our inerting control systems keep process units running at safe levels and enhance workplace safety by protecting plant personnel and plant assets.

The NFPA 69 Standard on Explosion Protection Systems recognizes oxidant concentration reduction as a method of protection based on preventing combustion. Requirements include maintaining the system at an oxygen concentration that is low enough to prevent a deflagration. Section 3.3.25 of the standard defines the limiting oxidant concentration (LOC) as the concentration of oxidant in a fuel-oxidant-diluent mixture below which a deflagration cannot occur.

Our inerting control systems (ICS) are designed to maintain the oxygen level at those levels. With field adjustable high and low limit setpoints, these systems can be utilized in many of the steps of the manufacturing process, ranging from production and product storage to packaging and transportation.

In addition to the solvent-based applications, our systems are also used in the production of waterborne-based products. In this case, our systems improve product quality by preventing contact with oxygen and moisture, providing the added benefits of lower production costs and increased profitability by efficiently limiting inert gas usage.

We are well aware of the challenges that you face when it comes to using and handling hazardous materials, meeting your safety goals, safeguarding product quality, and reducing production costs. Through the expertise of our team, we can help you and your business operate smarter, safer, and more economically.

Safe Maintenance of Paint & Coating Vessels