Nutraceuticals do more than just supplement the diet. Many of us rely on them for disease prevention and treatment. Theoretically, the appeal of these products centers around accomplishing treatment goals without side effects.

Manufacturing standards matter. So do smell and taste. Processing the raw materials into final products can take time, so what can you do along the way to maintain optimal freshness?

Protecting the product in a nitrogen environment is a great start. Many products need to be processed in order to remove contaminants and pass minimum laws and standards. That typically requires the use of heat, and heat can affect the rate of oxidation. Then again, without the presence of oxygen, there is no oxidation to speed up. So by using nitrogen at every stage of manufacturing, storage, and shipment, you can minimize oxidation and prevent degradation.

Using a nitrogen purge should be effective, but how do make sure that you are getting the job done right? That’s where we can help. Our oxygen sensors and analyzers provide continuous real-time monitoring of the oxygen level in the nitrogen blanket on your products. Knowing exactly what the oxygen levels are in the process will give you the critical parameters you need to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Our sensors will give you accurate measurement down to ppm O2 levels. You have the option to take the sensor signal to your DCS to control the flow of nitrogen, or you can use one of our analyzers with the high and limit setpoints to turn your control valves on and off.

To see how we helped a leading nutraceutical manufacturer improve product quality, read our informative case study.