Bacharach’s range of Parasense refrigerant detection equipment has been deployed across over 100 vessels within the US Fleet, the British Navy and other NATO allies since 1995.

Naval vessels and submarines and other Military equipment depend on refrigeration plant working safely and reliably, safeguarding personnel and ensuring operational readiness. Bacharach’s Parasense range of proven fixed and portable refrigerant leak detection provides the performance and reliability you need, monitoring and safeguarding weapons systems and other essential electronics, as well as catering facilities and air conditioning. The Parasense refrigerant leak detectors are exceptionally sensitive, so they can sense escaped gas in very small quantities, before it becomes hazardous or causes the refrigeration plant to fail. Successfully providing automatic monitoring of refrigeration equipment, constantly checking that it is running efficiently and highlighting maintenance issues before they can develop into serious problems.

Serving the Fleet since 1995

Parasense refrigerant leak detection has over 800 systems deployed across over 100 vessels within the US Fleet, the British Navy and other NATO allies since 1995 including:

  • Aircraft carriers
  • Submarines
  • Destroyers
  • Amphibious Assault and Transport Ships
  • Dock Landing Ships, Littoral Combat Ships
  • Barges, Patrol Craft

Products and services

The Parasense 3300RM2 provides uncompromising sensitivity to leaks of different refrigerants and can sample air from up to 16 points around your refrigeration plant. It has been tested to military standards for vibration, shock and EMC and carries a NATO part number for immediate ordering.

The PDRM2 is a highly sensitive, single channel refrigerant monitor. It is often used for maintenance applications, including continuity of protection during maintenance of permanent gas detectors.

Installation and support

Our qualified installation teams are fully equipped and trained to provide you with a full turnkey installation and commissioning service. Support and maintenance services keep your Parasense systems working reliably and calibrated accurately. Our engineers have the necessary security clearances to work effectively on-board and if maintenance service is required, our support team can be deployed to any port.