There are three main reasons to ensure refrigerant leaks are detected as early as possible, regardless of whether or not the application is industrial, commercial or residential. The first main reason is for the health and safety of the occupants. Refrigerants can be harmful in a number of ways, either through the toxicity, flammability or through the risk of asphyxiation by replacing the oxygen in the breathable zone. To this extent, refrigerant leaks need to be found quickly so they can be speedily and effectively resolved. The second main reason for early detection of refrigerant leaks is that of risk of damage to the environment, and in the main – damage to the air quality. Many refrigerants can be harmful to the environment as a whole because of the global warming potential (GWP) of the gas when compared to carbon dioxide. Last, but by no means least, the third main reason for detecting refrigerant leaks as early as possible is the cost itself. The price of refrigerant can vary considerably and a small leak that can quickly develop into a catastrophic leak could run the risk of losing the whole charge, with consequential exorbitant costs. It’s therefore essential to detect refrigerant leaks as early as possible which can only be possible through using quality detection equipment.

Bacharach provides industry leading refrigerant detection equipment either through fixed instruments that constantly watches over your facility, protecting both the people and place you need to protect. Sometimes locating a leak is like finding a needle in a haystack, however Bacharach’s portable leak detectors will make finding the leak a simple, clear process – helping you sew up your refrigerant leak problem in minutes rather than hours.