The global HFC phasedown is driving many refrigeration and HVAC equipment owners to make significant investments in new systems based on alternative or natural refrigerants to reduce risk as market supply is reduced, refrigerant costs increase, or to avoid costly fines and remediation.

Another approach, based on low-level refrigerant leak detection, enables equipment owners to defer investment in new refrigeration systems by finding small leaks and repairing them before significant refrigerant is lost. The benefits of this approach include:

Reduce refrigerant emissions

Lower cost of refrigerant additions

Increase energy efficiency

Delay investment decisions

Bacharach’s solution for leak detection include leak detection hardware, remote connectivity, enterprise software, and professional services to help you achieve maximum refrigerant savings.

Leak Detection

The Multi-Zone Refrigerant Monitor measures down to 1ppm and supports over 60 refrigerants.

Facility manager reviewing recent refrigerant leak events on a computer.

Leak Charts

Time-series visualization of active leak data to help technicians identify the location and cause of leaks.

Leak Index

Gives an enterprise-wide view of the sites with the most and least leak events, helps to prioritize maintenance activity, and informs about refrigeration contractor performance.

Energy Monitoring

Provide energy usage at the site, circuit, or asset level.

Compliance Calendar

Reminds technicians and compliance officers of when actions, such as leak checks, are needed.

Regulation Workflow

Ensures that technicians follow the rights steps to accurately record compliance information.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance reports can be generated annually or on demand for F-Gas, EPA 608, and CARB.

HVAC Asset Management

Keep track of all your HVAC and refrigeration assets