Greenhouse and grow facilities designed for fruit, vegetables and cannabis production provide a variety of challenges ranging from process safety (ensuring maximum yield) to employee and patron safety (protecting people from unsafe exposure to gases and chemicals) to building safety (varying temperature and high humidity levels). There are several toxic or explosive gases that are involved in the process; fumigation, Sulfur Dioxide; enrichment, Carbon Dioxide; extraction of oils, butane or propane. Although Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring gas, it can cause oxygen depletion if concentration levels are high enough.

A well thought out gas detection system can mitigate all of these safety challenges to allow for maximum yield and keep everyone safe and free from exposure to toxic and explosive gases.

Multi-ZoneSingle-ZonePGM-IRMGS-400 SeriesMGS-550
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)