When Fruit and Vegetables begin to ripen, they give off a naturally occurring gas to enable and promote further ripening.  That gas is Ethylene.  Producers can control the ripening process by measuring when the fruit is ready to ripen – naturally occurring Ethylene when fruit and vegetables are beginning the ripening process is in the 1000 ppb (parts per billion) concentration.  When this process begins they can then inject additional Ethylene into ripening rooms to promote and control the time and process to get fruit and vegetables to market faster.

Ripening rooms are typically environmentally controlled rooms where fruit and vegetables are subjected to controlled humidity (80-90%), temperature (80-90oF) and a constant concentration of Ethylene typically about 150-200 ppm (parts per million).

An Ethylene gas monitor that can withstand changes in humidity and temperature and can continue to be accurate with consistent concentrations of gas (diffusion gas detectors may become ‘poisoned’ and inaccurate with a constant concentration of gas) would be ideal in this application.  The Bacharach Multi-Zone is the right solution to control the Ethylene ripening process.

The Barharach Multi-Zone Ethylene Monitor detects the presence of ethylene down to 10 ppm Minimum Detection Level (MDL) and can be used to effectively support your fruit and vegetable ripening processes. Capable of monitoring up-to 16 zones and up to 48 if the sample points are split for greater coverage of your facility.

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