The food chain describes the process of getting product from ‘farm to market’. The food chain process involves many steps; harvesting, transportation, processing and production, packaging and then transporting to distribution or directly to stores. The process is streamlined to ensure maximum yield and quality for the end consumer. One of the lasts process improvements has been Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP. The process injects stand alone or mixtures of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2) into sealed packages to extend shelf-life, preserve the high quality of foodstuffs, and improve overall cost-effectiveness. The MAP process is also used to varying degrees in the bulk transportation of meat & meat products, fish & seafood, dairy products, fruits & vegetables, dry foods & bakery products at interim steps of the food chain.

The beverage industries main gas ingredient and process gas is CO2. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used as a preservative, to pressurize delivery systems and to add the ‘bubble’s’ to the end product. In both the MAP injection process and in beverage systems CO2 and N2 can cause oxygen depletion in the work areas and if in high enough concentrations could cause dizziness, headaches and even death. Bacharach’s Gas Detection products can assist producers in keep their process tight, personnel safe and meeting any industry or local safety requirements.

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