As enforcement of the F-Gas ban increases in the EU, customs and border officials are tasked with identifying illegal refrigerant imports. Whether it is refrigerant in illegal disposable cylinders, HFC refrigerants outside a country’s quota or a counterfeit substance all together, customs agencies have more responsibility than ever before when it comes to refrigerant imports. For this reason, global customs and board control agencies have utilized the Neutronics refrigerant analyzing solutions to help identify illegal imports before they enter the market.

Illegally imported refrigerant can present a major risk to the health and safety of installers, equipment owners and reduce the reliability and efficiency of cooling equipment. It is therefore vital that customs verify the refrigerants coming in and installers also equip themselves to check refrigerant before use. Neutronics is assisting international customs and border agencies throughout Europe in providing accurate and robust refrigerant identification and verification tools. These same tools are also available to HVAC/R technicians and can help ensure safety, efficiency and longevity of equipment is upheld. The border customs officials play a pivotal role in identifying the integrity of the refrigerants transported throughout Europe and it is just as vital that technicians do their part to verify refrigerant before use.

Legend Series™ HFC Refrigerant Analyzer