The Bacharach Connected Solutions team provides a one-stop shop for complete refrigerant leak management of your organization.


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Connected Solutions provides support from initial surveying and installation of high performance, low level leak detection to monitor your refrigeration equipment with a connected live data feed of refrigerant analysis, notifying us instantly should a refrigerant leak occur.

What’s more, with our energy management service, we are able to support clients by saving them considerable costs in unnecessary energy usage, saving both the environment and your bottom line.

With our enterprise, fully managed services, we will also call out your engineering team to manage the process, from locating the leak to repair and all the necessary reporting for compliance.

This suite of connected support solutions will help your organization reduce their refrigeration and energy costs considerably but don’t take it from us, see for yourselves how we’ve helped a number of enterprises achieve both environmental and cost saving success.

Industry-Leading Low Level Leak Detection

Industry-leading fixed low level leak detection down to 1 parts per million (ppm) provides reliability where you need it most. Finding leaks early means fixing leaks early and reduces the risk of the leak getting bigger, resulting in equipment failure and loss of stock – or high level safety issue.

Low level leak detection

Parasense Refrigerant Tracking and Compliance software on the phone and laptop

Refrigerant Tracking & Compliance (RTC)

Use the powerful RTC software to seize control of your refrigerant tracking and compliance. With top down to bottom up views giving you clarity of all your equipment and assets, all your stores and sites either at micro level or enterprise scale. Isn’t it time you took hold of your refrigerant tracking and compliance too?


Energy Management

The Bacharach platform offers a comprehensive energy management suite, presenting managers with key performance indicators at a glance. It allows you to draw meaningful comparisons of different sites and maintainers, as well as managing energy benchmarks and targets.

energy Management

Your Own Expert Team in Refrigerant Leak Detection

The Bacharach Connected Solutions team is your very own expert team in refrigerant leak detection, managing each aspect of your facility HVAC and refrigeration. Our services range from surveying, installation, and maintenance of high performance gas detection through to live data stream monitoring, alerting and notifications with final repairing and compliance reporting.

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