Service Request Form

24 Hour Priority Repair Service

Calibrating and keeping your Bacharach instruments maintained is very important. Even more important is to have your instrument ready to use when you need it. We understand it's a valuable instrument in your toolbox and an essential part of your business.

Our standard turn-around service time is 4-5 working days after receipt of your instrument. When you require expedited service, we will repair / calibrate and return your instrument within 24 hours upon receipt. Simply complete the Service Request Form, select the 24 Hour Service dropdown option, include payment information , enter a pre-approved amount and submit your request.

  • The 24 Hour Priority Service[1] will assure that you will have your instrument when you need it
  • A simple and easy to use Service Request Form is available on our website
  • Standard service costs are known upfront and are included in our Service Pricing Guide
  • Pre-approvals accelerate the return process to avoid any delays in returning your instrument

We appreciate you as a valuable Bacharach customer and we look forward to providing expert service and calibration for your instruments that make HVAC-R safer, cleaner and more energy efficient.

[1] 24 Hour Priority Service is only available for items listed in the Service Pricing Guide. Orders MUST be pre-approved with a PO or a valid credit card, include the RMA paperwork and "PRIORITY" & "RMA#" included on the outside of the package. RMA's received without this information will cause delays in processing your order. 24 hrs begins when RMA is received at our facility and is based on regular business hours. Return shipping charges will be added to the invoice unless directed to ship collect or bill to a 3rd party account. In most cases, the actual repair charges will be less than the "Not to Exceed" cost. We will contact you if the service cost exceeds the pre-approved amount. AQMT testing is not available for Priority Service.

Service Pricing Guide

Service Locations

Bacharach, Inc.

621 Hunt Valley Circle
New Kensington, PA 15068
(800) 736-4666

Bacharach Canada

10 West Pearce St, Unit 4
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B6

Bacharach Europe

Unit D12 & D13 Santry Business Park, Swords Road
Santry, Dublin, Ireland
+353 1 284 6388

Service Policy

Bacharach maintains calibration and repair facilities at our manufacturing centers to provide the best possible service and support for our customers. The services performed on returned instruments are warranted for 90 days after the date of return shipment to the customer. Items such as sensors, pumps, filters and batteries have their own associated warranties.

How To Request Service

Should your Bacharach product require service or maintenance, you may request service in several ways:

  • contact your local Bacharach-authorized distributor from whom it was purchased
  • contact Bacharach directly using the Bacharach website and the electronic RMA form
  • call the Bacharach customer service team toll-free at 800-736-4666 and select option 2 for "Repair and Warranty"

RMA Procedure

Prior to returning any equipment for service, you must have a pre-approved RMA document to return with the product. The document contains an RMA tracking number, as well as the customer-reported description of the product defect or service request. The RMA document also contains the customer contact name, contact e-mail / phone number, shipping / billing information and service / repair pre-approval.

Return the instrument in its original packaging to the address below. If the original packaging is not available, carefully pack the instrument to prevent damage during transport. Bacharach is neither responsible or liable for any shipping damages that may occur. Be sure to include the RMA documentation and any associated shipping documents in the package. Conspicuously mark the approved RMA number in two places:

  • on the outside of the shipping box, and
  • on the address line of the shipping label as noted below

Bacharach, Inc.
621 Hunt Valley Circle
New Kensinton, PA 15068
ATTN: Service Department RMA #xxxx

Charges and Fees

Should the repair or required service be more extensive than the pre-approved work, you will be contacted with a cost estimate for the expected service or repair prior to the performance of the work. For liability reasons, Bacharach performs all needed repairs to restore the instrument to full operating conditions and specifications.

Instruments received without an appropriate pre-approved RMA and associated documentation will be subject to a $50 processing fee in addition to the repair / service fees.

Timely customer approval of service / repair quotes is critical. Instruments left at Bacharach for more than 30 days without a customer's approval of the service / repair quote are returned to the customer / distributor in their original "received" condition, accompanied with a minimum labor / estimate fee (from $100.00 to $150.00, dependent on the instrument type) plus all subsequent shipping charges. In the event of orphaned instruments (equipment left at the Bacharach facility for a period of 60 days without a customer's quote approval, Bacharach reserves the right to dispose of the equipment at our cost and assumes no liability for said instruments.

Instruments returned unrepaired at the customer's request are subject to a handling fee (from $50.00 to $95.00, dependent on the instrument type) plus all subsequent shipping charges. If the customer instructs Bacharach to scrap the instrument, the fee is waived.

Unauthorized Repairs

Unauthorized distributors / agents may offer to service or repair Bacharach instruments. Note that Bacharach assumes NO liability for services provided by unauthorized service centers. In addition, Bacharach does not honor any service warranties that may be provided by unauthorized service centers. The latest list of Bacharach-approved service center partners is available under the "Service Locations" tab.

Return Procedure

Following all of the instructions below will ensure your instrument is serviced and returned to you without any delays. All equipment MUST include a Service Request Form with a Return Number BEFORE it is shipped to Bacharach for service.

  • Review the Service Pricing Guide to find your instrument. If not on the list, please contact customer service at (800) 736-4666 extension 2 or at
  • On the Service Pricing Guide, total the "Not to Exceed" cost and include any applicable fees (NIST certs, Priority Service, etc.). Pre-approved orders will expedite the return of your instrument [1]
  • 24 Hour Priority Repair Service is available on most instruments. See Service Pricing Guide for qualifying instruments
  • Complete the Service Request Form
    • Please be sure to include all required information and the pre-approved total from the Service Pricing Guide
    • EXCLUDE credit card information (security reasons). We will contact you for this information prior to returning your instrument
    • Include detailed information for service required and/or the symptom of the problem[2]
    • Review all information for accuracy
    • Check the "Agreements" check box
    • Enter the verification code as displayed on the screen
    • Click the "Send" button to submit your repair request
  • You will receive an immediate email confirmation that your request has been processed. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1-2 business hours, please contact customer service
  • Your return paperwork will be emailed to you within 1 business day [3]
  • Include the return paperwork in the package and retain a copy for your records [4]
  • Include all accessories (probes, printers, carrying case, etc.) with your return [5]
  • Write either the return number or attach the PRIORITY label for rush service on the outside of the shipping carton
[1]The "Not to Exceed" cost is the maximum repair cost. The actual repair cost will be applied to your order and in most cases is less than the not to exceed cost. We will call for authorization if the cost exceeds the pre-approved amount
[2]The more information you provide will help us to ensure your instrument is repaired correctly. Some malfunctions can be intermittent and may not be duplicaed in our evaluation process
[3]Most requests are processed the same day and returned within 24 hours. Missing information, new accounts and other issues may delay the processing of your return request
[4]Retaining a copy of the return paperwork will help us to track your repair if you need to contact us about its status
[5]Batteries can be included with your returned instrument except for the litium ion battery for the PGM-IR. Please retain the lithium battery and return your PGM-IR without the battery. See the Frequently Asked Questions for applicable part numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a return number before I ship my instrument?

The return number helps us to track the progress of your repair. Instruments sent without the proper return paperwork, return number and information on the outside of the package will cause delays in processing your order.

Do I have to pre-approve the cost of my repair?

Pre-approved orders reduce the time it takes to return your instrument. We strongly recommend that you include the pre-approved amount on your request form. Pre-approval is required for the 24 Hour Priority Service.

What will I be charged if the cost is less than the pre-approved amount?

In all cases, the actual cost of your repair will be applied to your purchase order or credit card. The pre-approved amount is an estimate maximum cost based on our experience of servicing instruments. A combustion analyzer, for example, may only need calibrated or one sensor and calibration which is less than the “Not to Exceed” price. See our Service Pricing Guide for more information.

What if the cost exceeds the pre-approval amount?

We will contact you for approval in the event the actual cost will exceed the pre-approved amount. This typically indicates the service is more than just a sensor and / or calibration. Several sensors, a pump, circuit boards, etc.. may need replaced.

What if my instrument is not on the Service Pricing Guide list?

Contact our customer service department at (800) 736-4666 extension 2. Our Customer Service Reps can suggest a replacement for your instrument if we are not able to repair it.

Do I include my credit card information on my return request?

No. For security reasons, we do not accept credit card information through our website. We will contact you for your credit card information when your instrument is ready to be returned to you. Once approved, the paper copy in our possession will be shredded / destroyed. We do not keep any credit card information.

How will I know you have received my return request?

You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of submitting your request. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1-2 hours, please call our customer service department at (800) 736-4666 extension 2.

How often should I calibrate my combustion analyzer?

Generally, instruments are calibrated on a yearly basis. A few instruments may require calibration every 6 to 9 months. Your company procedures may require more frequent calibrations and should be followed.

What is included in a standard calibration?

Standard calibration includes a certificate that provides the date of calibration, due date for next calibration, part number, serial number, model, return number and the technician number who performed the service.

Do I need a NIST certificate?

The NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) is a government agency that sets the standards for measurement and calibration. A NIST certificate provides traceability back to this government agency, and includes “before” and “after” readings, which are also known as “as found” and “as left” readings. There is an extra $100.00 charge added to the standard calibration for this certificate. A NIST certificate is generally required by most hospitals, laboratories and government agencies. You need this certificate if traceability is required.

What is the difference between a calibration and a functional test?

Calibration is the process used to adjust an instrument’s readout when a known gas source is applied. The instrument’s sensor drifts over a period of time and needs to be adjusted periodically to assure the readout is accurate. Instruments without a digital readout or physical scale cannot be calibrated. A functional test is the process used to determine if an instrument is working as it was intended. Functional tests are performed on instruments that do not have digital readout or scales. Instruments that are tested functionally include Leakators, Informants and H10’s. See the Service Pricing Guide to determine if your instrument requires calibration or a functional test.

What is the turn-around time after you receive my instrument?

We strive to repair all instruments within 4 business days upon receipt with our standard repair service. A 24 Hour Priority Service is available for select instruments if you need your instrument back sooner. Check the Service Pricing Guide for availability.

What accessories should I include with my instrument?

All accessories including probes, filters, printers, carrying case, etc. should be included with your instrument. This will ensure your instruments and all its components are in working order when returned to you.

Should I include batteries with my instrument?

Disposable batteries do not have to be included with your instrument. Rechargeable batteries should be included except for the large lithium ion batteries on the PGM-IR. Part numbers for these instruments include the 3015-4484, 3015-4790, 3015-5696, 3015-5720 and 3015-5751. Return your PGM-IR without the rechargeable battery. If you are unsure, please contact our customer service department at (800) 736-4666 extension 2.

Where do I send my instrument?

What do the acronyms RMA & RGA mean?

RMA stands for Return Material Authorization and RGA stands for Return Goods Authorization.

Can I purchase a new instrument from Bacharach?

No. Our portable instruments are only sold through our authorized distributor partners. We only service our products to end users and distributors alike.

Can I trade in my old instrument?

Bacharach may offer a trade in rebate direct to end users. Please contact customer service at (800) 736-4666 extension 2 for more information.