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Understanding Refrigerant Leak Patterns

If you’re looking to reduce your refrigerant emissions and thereby reduce your costs and improve your bottom line, you can gain a lot by understanding refrigerant leaks

Here, with Bacharach’s latest webinar, you’ll be able to learn about how data analysis of over 2.8 billion samples from Bacharach’s Connected Solutions will provide you with a greater understanding of refrigerant leak patterns – and how you can detect refrigerant leaks as early as possible. The importance of detecting, notifying, and fixing refrigerant leaks as swiftly as possible is a real objective for many organizations where cooling and refrigeration is critical. The benefits of reducing refrigerant leaks are considerable; ensuring product quality, employee and customer safety, reducing operating costs, and improving equipment performance.


Speaker Name: Jason Ayres, Bacharach Connected Solutions Manager
Bio: Jason Ayres has over 25 years of experience, helping refrigeration system owners and contractors identify refrigerant leaks early, reducing costs and reducing energy consumption. Jason has a strong understanding of refrigerant compliance requirements including EPA Section 608, CARB, and F-Gas and has provided development support for Bacharach’s Connected Solutions that includes refrigerant usage tracking and compliance software and tools.

What you will learn:

  • Data Insight
  • Connected Solutions
  • Refrigerant Management
  • Understanding Leaks
  • Identifying Patterns
  • Parasense Platform
  • Gas Leak Monitors

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