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The New Standard in Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide Leak Detection

Bacharach sets new standards in ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) leak detection by augmenting safety and efficiency through complete systems.

Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide are two natural refrigerants that are widely used for their zero-ozone depletion potential, very low to zero global warming potential, and importantly – relatively low cost. However, when a leak occurs both refrigerants pose hazards that must be identified and fixed as soon as possible to prevent serious harm.

The webinar explains how Bacharach’s new standards in NH3 and CO2 leak detection will support refrigeration engineers, facility managers and compliance officers in specifying and installing leak detection systems. The webinar will show you why NH3 and CO2 gas detection systems are needed and explore the advantages Bacharach provides through diffusion instruments, sampling gas monitors, and connected solutions enterprise software.

Ken Easterday


Speaker Name: Ken Easterday, Bacharach Product Manager, Fixed Instruments
Bio: Ken Easterday is a life-long marketing professional, leading innovation and customer delight through product life-cycle management. Ken has a 25-year history in industrial automation, renewable energy, utility, HVAC, and now refrigerant gas detection. Ken has a deep passion to understand customers’ challenges and help them find the right solution.

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