Bacharach’s Parasense platform that provides a full refrigerant management solution has recorded and analyzed over 2.8 billion refrigerant leak samples. Now, to drive down refrigerant emissions across the country, Bacharach has identified five of the most common refrigerant leak types for you to watch out for.

The importance of detecting, notifying, and fixing refrigerant leaks as swiftly as possible is a real objective for food retail and other industries where cooling and refrigeration is critical. The benefits of reducing refrigerant leaks are considerable; ensuring product quality, employee and customer safety, reducing operating costs, and improving equipment performance. The five common leak types that Bacharach has discovered as part of the large-scale analysis of refrigerant leak samples can help improve understanding and drive down refrigerant leaks.

In the webinar you will learn about:

  • The Over-Nighter
  • The Volcano
  • The Defroster
  • The Under-Cover
  • The Repeater


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