On-Demand Webinar Introduction Inerting Control

Improving Process Safety and Product Quality Through Inerting Webinar

Bacharach’s gas analysis webinar for Engineering, Instrumentation and Maintenance Managers in manufacturing: an introduction to process safety enhancement and product quality improvement through inerting control.

Bacharach’s gas analysis experts have been supporting process engineers, instrumentation and maintenance managers in manufacturing facilities for over 30 years, helping them design and implement systems that can help advance process safety and also product quality. Applications cover systems in food processing, brewing, paints and solvent manufacturing, semiconductor production, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and more.

The webinar will provide an introduction to the value of adopting these systems, highlight some of the latest techniques in inerting controls and what to look for when specifying an inerting solution. You will learn about how removing some or all of the oxygen in the workspace by inerting with nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, steam or similar can support your process requirements safely and cost-effectively.

Gus Rolotti


Speaker Name: Gus Rolotti
Position: Bacharach’s Business Development Manager for Gas Analysis solutions
Bio: Gus Rolotti is currently the Business Development Manager for the Gas Analysis Division of Bacharach. In this role he works directly with customers across a broad range industries and applications to implement the appropriate process safety solutions. Gus applies over 30 years of experience working in Technical Services, Applications and Sales in a variety of industrial settings including gas analysis, HVAC, tank safety and remote telemetry. His main focus is to clearly understand the customer’s requirements and to help provide the most comprehensive and cost effective solution.

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