Inerting of Vessels Using Oxygen Gas Analyzers On-Demand Webinar

Bacharach’s Gas Analysis webinar describes gas inerting systems based on O2 analyzers, providing an overview of the complete system and examples of potential applications and uses.

Within the webinar, there will be a brief discussion of the different techniques available for inerting and will explore the specific advantages of the O2 Analyzer based type of system over the other simpler technologies available in the market. It will also provide information on each of the different components that make up the system including the sensor, sample conditioning package and analyzer itself, including the basics of their operation, why are they necessary and the different options available, including an overview of accessories that allow analyzer based systems to be used in even some of the harshest applications.

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Gus Rolotti


Speaker Name: Gus Rolotti
Position: Business Development Manager for Gas Analysis solutions
Bio: Gus Rolotti is the Business Development Manager for the Gas Analysis Division of Bacharach. In this role he works directly with customers across a broad range of industries and applications to implement the appropriate process safety solutions. Gus applies over 30 years of experience working in Technical Services, Applications and Sales in a variety of industrial settings including gas analysis, HVAC, tank safety and remote telemetry. His main focus is to clearly understand the customer’s requirements and to help provide the most comprehensive and cost effective solution.

Kevin Carre


Speaker Name: Kevin Carre
Position: Applications and Design Engineer for Gas Analysis solutions
Bio: Kevin Carre is responsible for new applications and designs to meet our customer’s needs in a broad range of industries. Kevin has over 30 years of experience in the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical and Emissions Control industries. Having a strong process control and manufacturing background provides the expertise to deliver safe and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

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