As an HVAC-R professional, you bear the important responsibility of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning in your customers’ homes. Join Bacharach’s combustion experts for a webinar on “Combustion Theory and the Combustion Analyzer”.

This webinar is intended for an intermediate audience and may assume that attendees have some basic knowledge of combustion analysis. This course will review residential combustion and carbon monoxide testing procedures for oil and gas fired forced air, boilers and hot water tanks. Attendees will learn the following:

  • Combustion Theory and the Combustion Analyzer
    • History of Combustion Testing
    • How Electronic Combustion Analyzers Work
    • How & Where to Test
  • Hazards of Carbon Monoxide (CO)
    • Symptoms of CO Poisoning & Exposure Limits
    • CO Air-free and NOx Cross-sensitivity
  • Troubleshooting with an Analyzer
    • Typical Appliance Combustion Readings
    • Testing for Carbon Monoxide
    • Cracked Heat Exchanger Test & Troubleshooting Examples



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