Achieving Net Zero in Supermarket Refrigeration

MSA Bacharach provide tried and tested solutions in helping supermarkets and grocery stores achieve net zero targets. Solutions that help drive down refrigerant emissions and energy consumption. Even low-level HFC refrigerant leaks with high global warming potential and equivalent CO2 have the potential for significant damage.


Any supermarket or grocery store chain that takes customer demands and corporate social responsibility seriously will be closely aligned to achieving net zero targets within the next 20 years or sooner. This means a close examination of the whole operation, finding better cold chain solutions that require less or more efficient transportation, and better energy saving and storage solutions. However, supermarkets must also consider the hidden carbon equivalent of refrigerant emissions, especially for high ‘global warming potential’ (GWP) refrigerants. And with some HFC.

According to the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council, the average supermarket system contains thousands of pounds of refrigerant and depending on the refrigeration system that’s used, leaks 25% of its refrigerant each year. As the NASRC state, this adds up to, “70 Million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions each year just from supermarket refrigeration leaks. That is equivalent to the emissions from powering 12 million homes, which is roughly the number of households in the state of California.”.

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Greg Hankins


Speaker Name: Greg Hankins
Position: Business Development Manager
Bio: Greg Hankins is MSA Bacharach’s business development manager, specializing in developing relationships and business in the Commercial and Food Retail Industry. Greg has over 35 years of experience in the HVACR industry with a desire for developing and executing sales strategies, managing teams & driving key account sales to provide the best level of service in the market. He is passionate about new technology and providing customers with best in class products and services to enhance and improve their business.

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Supermarkets are the key to solving the HFC problem

The average supermarket system contains thousands of pounds of refrigerant and, due to the size and complexity of their refrigeration system, leaks 25% of its refrigerant each year. Find out more about the HFC problem on the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council’s website (opens new window).