Refrigerant Management for critical cooling and refrigeration

Would you like to gain control of refrigerant management across your organization? Whether you are an equipment owner or refrigeration contractor, responsible for single site analysis or full enterprise deployment and reporting, Bacharach’s award-winning Parasense Refrigerant Tracking & Compliance Software gives you industry-leading refrigerant management and tracking tools to help you reduce operating costs; gain regulatory compliance; and become a leader in sustainability and efficiency.

Award winning

Reduce operating costs

Refrigerant tracking and compliance

Effective enterprise management

Reduce operating costs by reducing emissions

The average refrigerant emission rate for grocery stores is estimated to be 25% per year.

Best practice implementations can currently achieve emission rates of 7%.

Bacharach’s Parasense refrigerant tracking and compliance can help you beat this further. As the cost of refrigerant rises, this has an increasing effect on an organization’s profit. For an organization operating at 1% margin, saving $10,000 in refrigerant re-charge is the equivalent to generating $1,000,000 of revenue.

Refrigerant tracking and compliance

With EPA Section 608 revisions now in effect, it’s important to use a system that ensures your compliance with the latest in legislation.

The Parasense platform from Bacharach makes compliance as simple as possible, it blends a user toolset complete with compliance calendar, automated leak rate calculator, intuitive analysis, guided data entry and compliance reporting.

Effective enterprise management

We recognize that achieving compliance and best in class refrigerant leak rates requires close collaboration and team work between equipment owners, internal teams and contracted service providers.

This is why the Parasense platform has been designed to empower your teams to seamlessly work together. With no user limit or cost per user fee, your whole team can access and update your system ensuring you have the most up to date information at your fingertips.

Refrigerant Management

Refrigerant Management is the efficient, safe and cost-effective operation of your refrigeration equipment.

Today, this means complying with evolving legislation, ensuring product quality and the safety of colleagues and customers, reducing operating expense and improving margins, while striving for 24/7/365 equipment up-time.

Refrigerant management is not just a cost saving exercise. Effective management of your refrigeration is critical to your organisation’s success and ability to compete in your market. Your organisation’s reliance on refrigeration means that it is a strategic asset and should be treated as such.

Meeting regulatory requirements (for EPA 608, F-Gas, & CARB RMP, etc)

Refrigeration equipment owners are required to keep robust records of the use of refrigerants, including the type and amount of each refrigerant in each piece of equipment, as well as the repair of identified leaks within a specified time range.

For large, multi-site supermarkets, food processors, cold storage facilities, or data centers, this is a complex process that involves people at multiple locations, as well as repair and service contractors. For these organizations, managing refrigerant usage with spreadsheets is not a realistic option. Refrigeration equipment owners need a solution that helps them track refrigeration assets, refrigerant usage, and leak repairs that can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

Energy efficiency

Refrigeration can account for ~60% of energy usage in supermarkets.

Systems running at lower levels of refrigerant than designed for will consume more energy to deliver the same cooling load. Effective refrigerant management can reduce energy costs by helping to ensure that the system remains energy efficient.

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Operating costs

The average leak rate for grocery stores is estimated to be 25% per year. Best practice implementations can currently achieve leak rates of 7%.

As the cost of refrigerant rises, this has an increasing effect on an organisation’s profit. For an organisation operating at 1% margin, saving $1,000 in refrigerant top-ups is the equivalent to generating $100,000 of revenue.

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EPA section 608

With EPA Section 608 revisions coming into effect in January 2019, it’s important to use a system that ensures your compliance with the following changes:

  • Robust record keeping
  • Leak rate calculations
  • Equipment leak thresholds
  • Leak repair time framesLeak inspection requirements
  • Retrofit and retirement timescales
  • Chronically leaking appliance reporting

The Parasense platform from Bacharach makes compliance as simple as possible, it blends a user toolset complete with compliance calendar, automated leak rate calculator, intuitive analysis, guided data entry and compliance reporting.

7-point EPA 608


Refrigerant Review

The Parasense platform refrigerant tracking dashboards empower owners to track refrigerant across all equipment over the entire enterprise. Users can review the cause of refrigerant emissions, identify opportunities for improvement, track repairs and ultimately minimize the consumption of refrigerant.

Leak Rate Calculations

Whenever refrigerant is added to an appliance, the 12 month rolling leak rate must be calculated. This is automatically carried out in the Parasense platform along with scheduling a leak check if the threshold is exceeded.

Aggregating leak rates at site, region and company level make it swift and easy to identify where to focus and prioritize resources to achieve your goals.

Compliance calendar

Any up-coming actions and required compliance tasks are automatically scheduled by the compliance calendar. This provides ample opportunity for planning and collaboration between teams. The full history of all activities is also available here making it simple to retrieve and cross-reference historical events.

Regulation Workflow

The regulation workflow has been carefully designed to distill regulations into clear processes, procedures and tasks that are easy to understand and follow. All users are guided through the same, correct procedure and any compliance tasks are scheduled automatically.

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