Accurate and Reliable Refrigerant Analyzers

Neutronics Refrigerant Analyzer solutions from Bacharach can be used across a number of industries with a wide range of applications including automotive, HVACR maintenance, refrigerant recovery, customs import compliance and military:

Refrigerant Identification for Automotive

Automotive Refrigerant Analysis

The Neutronics range of refrigerant analyzer tools for the automotive industry offers not just time saving technology but also reliability and accuracy. With new standards for A/C servicing in the automotive industry and the introduction of the new HFO-1234yf, it is a requirement to verify the purity of the refrigerant prior to recovery of the refrigerant system.

  • The Legend Series offers versatility providing gas analysis and identification of R-12, R-134a and R-1234yf vehicles with one simple to use tool. It is certified to the SAE J2912 standard and connects directly to SAE J2843 and J3030 AC Service machines that have an external analyzer USB port.
  • Low-cost Mini ID units for specific refrigerant identification are available for R-1234yf and R-134a.
  • Sealant Detection Kits for helping you prevent costly damage to your refrigerant recovery equipment.
Refrigerant Identification for HVAC maintenance and recovery

HVAC/R Maintenance and Refrigerant Recovery

Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis tools for HVACR Maintenance and Refrigerant Recovery provide fast and accurate results for testing refrigerant. With the ability to test a wide variety of refrigerants, Neutronics offers tools for pre-screening refrigerant prior to use, consolidation and reclamation.

  • The Neutronics Ultima ID series of refrigerant analyzers offer exceptional accuracy using leading-edge infrared technology to provide the fastest refrigerant analysis on the market.
  • Neutronics refrigerant identification units are fast, accurate, affordable and versatile; identifying more than
    a dozen HVAC/R refrigerants with a component breakdown of popular blend ratios.
  • Low-cost Mini ID units are also available for specific refrigerant identification for HVAC maintenance and recovery requirements.

Customs and Import Compliance

With the increase of illegal refrigerant trade and growing legislation and compliance requirements, Neutronics refrigerant analyzers offer reliability and accuracy. The Neutronics Ultima ID range of portable devices have been used effectively by customs officials around the world to provide a fast and robust solution to effective refrigerant analysis and identification.

  • The Ultima ID series of refrigerant analyzers provide exceptional accuracy using leading-edge infrared technology to provide one of the fastest refrigerant analysis units on the market.
  • Find your refrigerant analysis solution by pursuing the full list of analyzer options outlined in the Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis Application Guide or contacting Neutronics directly for specialized applications.