QuickDetect A/C Sealant Detection Kit

Mobile A/C Sealant Detection Kit

The Neutronics QuickDetect Refrigerant Sealant Detection Kit helps protect expensive A/C tools by detecting the presence of harmful sealant in mobile A/C systems

  • Quickly verifies if sealant is present in A/C systems
  • Prevents possible damage to valuable recovery equipment
  • Easy to use fast results
  • Disposable, low cost design
  • Works on R-134a and R-12 systems
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The Neutronics QuickDetect A/C Sealant Detection Kit quickly determines the presence of harmful sealant in a vehicle’s A/C system, helping you prevent damage to your refrigerant recovery equipment. To protect your equipment, check every system for sealant before attempting recovery or repair.

The QuickDetect Sealant Detection Kit comes with everything you need to do a quick and easy test – A/C coupler, hose, test cartridge, and ­ow meter. When connected to the A/C system, the ACSD Sealant Detection Kit is designed to mimic an A/C leak. If sealant is present in the system, it will quickly solidify in the disposable test cartridge and cause the ­flow meter to show “no fl­ow”. Except for the low-cost test cartridges, all of the QuickDetect components are reusable. Additional cartridges are available separately.

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Pressure: 30-300 psig (2 - 20 Bar)
Product Dimensions (L×W×H): 9.5" × 9" × 2" (24.13 × 22.86 × 5.08 cm)
Product Weight: 1.6 lbs.
Warranty: 1 Year
Sample Type: Liquid
Test Time: 180 seconds
Country of Origin: United States
Description Part Number
QuickDetect ACSD Sealant Detection Kit 7-08-1000-51-0
Description Part Number
R-1234yf Coupler Assembly 6-02-6001-00-1
Replacement Cartridges 25 Pack 7-08-1000-52-0
Spare R-134a Coupler Assembly 6-02-6001-00-0
Spare R-12 Coupler Assembly 6-02-6001-01-0
Spare Flow meter 6-02-6001-02-0