Mechanical Oil / Gas Testing Kit

Combustion Test Kit for Oil / Gas Applications

Bacharach’s Mechanical Oil / Gas Testing Kit provides a selection of leading tools for combustion testing.

  • Fyrite® Classic (0-20% CO2)
  • Draftrite® draft gauge
  • True Spot® smoke tester
  • Fire efficiency finder and a Tempoint® thermometer
  • Quality carrying case to store your Bacharach mechanical oil / gas testing tools
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The Bacharach Mechanical Oil / Gas Testing Kit is a complete kit that has HVAC technicians and contractors in mind. They include everything needed to perform a comprehensive combustion test, including the Fyrite® Classic (0-20% CO2), Draftrite® draft gauge, True Spot® smoke tester, fire efficiency finder and a Tempoint® thermometer in a carrying case.

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Measuring Range: 0 to 20% (Fyrite® Classic)
Stack Temperature: 200 to 1000 °F (Tempoint®)
Draft / Differential Pressure: +0.05 to -0.25 inH2O (MZF Draft Gauge)
Warranty: 1 Year
Country of Origin: United States
Description Part Number
Sling Psychrometer, Fahrenheit scale 0012-7012
Sling Psychrometer, Celsius scale 0012-7043
Description Part Number
Fyrite® fluid, 20/60% CO2 0010-5057
Fyrite® refill kit, 20/60% CO2 0011-7047
Fyrite® repair kit, 20/60% CO2 0011-7052
True Spot® smoke scale and filter paper 0021-0020