Legend Series™ HFC Refrigerant Analyzer

Diagnostic Refrigerant Analyzer for Multiple HVAC and Refrigeration Applications

The MSA Legend Series™ HFC Refrigerant Analyzer, powered by Neutronics technology, enables fast and accurate testing of refrigerant, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming gas chromatography.

  • Only mobile device to provide a high level of accuracy for measured refrigerants
  • Blend analysis for measured R-400 series refrigerants
  • Vapor or liquid sampling
  • Store test data on external USB drive and remote software updates for new refrigerants
  • Supports 10 languages for global operations
  • Analyzed Refrigerants (displays % purity): R-22, R-32, R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, Hydrocarbons (HC) and Air
  • Identified Refrigerants (NO % purity): R-12, R-1234yf, R-408A, R-409A, R-417A,R-421A, R-421B, R-422A, R-422B, R-422C, R-427A
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Clean air calibration is all you need to analyze your refrigerant in less than 2 minutes. No matter the application, the MSA Legend Series™ HFC Refrigerant Analyzer, powered by Neutronics technology, is capable of measuring vapor or liquid refrigerant to confirm purity while detecting the presence of other harmful refrigerants or air.

Identify & Analyze With Confidence

In the last few years, there has been an emergence of new refrigerants in the market to support the F-Gas phasedown regulations. These more environmentally friendly refrigerants are sold as replacements or retrofits for high Ozone Depleting (ODP) or high Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants. These new refrigerants are often meant to replace these high ODP or GWP refrigerants in older systems, but it is often very hard to determine if a new gas was added to or used in place of another refrigerant. Too often these refrigerants are meant to function like their less environmentally friendly predecessors, which means pressure/temperate (P/T) curves are going to be very similar to keep systems running efficiently. This increases difficulty in confirming a refrigerant is as expected without the use of a refrigerant analyzer.

No longer are there only a few familiar refrigerants in the market. There are new blends being released all the time and there is no sure way to know what refrigerant you are working with if you don’t have a tool designed to analyze the gas. Simply assuming a refrigerant is right, or only relying on P/T charts, can cause more confusion and lead to mixing or inappropriate application use of refrigerants. Now more than ever it has become necessary to verify every refrigerant in a system or cylinder is correct to ensure that equipment runs effectively and efficiently. With the presence of only a small amount of air, a (P/T) analysis can fail and lead to costly service. Moreover, mixing refrigerants can lead to system failures and potentially put the user or unsuspecting service technician at risk of injury or harm.

The Legend Series™ HFC is the Answer!

Confirming a refrigerant is the right gas before service or use will ensure all systems effectively operate while protecting the customer and the technician. The use of a refrigerant analyzer creates a cleaner recovery process and reduces the amount of mixed gas recovered. Reducing mix gas recovery will ultimately cut down on the amount of refrigerant that must be destroyed which helps improve the industry’s ecological footprint.

A refrigerant analyzer is a valuable tool to safeguard users and equipment, while promoting recycling and reuse to protect the environment. The Legend Series™ HFC is the most advanced refrigerant analyzer in the market and provides the latest in NDIR technology to support refrigerant testing before use. Reduce the uncertainty and analyze every refrigerant before handling so you can ensure you are safeguarding yourself, your equipment, and the environment to certify the job is done right.

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  • Gas List
Measuring Range: 0-100%
Accuracy: +/-2% of single component refrigerants
User Interface: Graphic Display, Soft Keys, Built in Printer
Display Size: 5"
Power: 12 VDC @ 2A via 110/220 VAC, 50 - 60Hz Adapter
Ambient Temperature: 50 to 120°F (10 to 49°C)
Humidity: 0-95% RH non-condensing
Pressure: Adequate 30-500 psig (2 – 34 Bar), Pressures < 30 psig (2 bar) allow added flow time
Altitude: 0 to 8,000' (2,440 m)
Product Weight: Less than 10 lbs.
Approvals: CE, UL, and CUL
Warranty: 1 Year
Sample Type: Vapor, Liquid
Printer: Integrated Thermal Printer
Test Time: 120 seconds
Country of Origin: United States
Description Supplied with Part Number
Legend Series™ HFC Built-in printer, separate ¼” flare sample hoses for vapor and liquid, an AC power supply, internal LiFe battery and all required plumbing housed within a rugged, portable, storage case 7-08-1234-40-0
Description Part Number
AC Power Supply 6-01-6000-74-0
Liquid Sample Hose 6-01-6001-23-1
Liquid Sample Trap 6-02-6001-17-0
Sample Hose Extensions 6-02-6001-41-1
Vapor Sample Hose 6-02-6001-42-0
¼” Flare Coupler 6-02-6001-54-0