PCA® 400 Active Sample Conditioner

Superior Accuracy for Low NOx and SOx Applications
  • Quickly connects between the PCA® 400 probe handle and hose with keyed connectors
  • Built-in temperature controller, accurate to 1° C
  • Self-contained design including built-in water catch pot and particulate filter with inspection window
  • Direct temperature and draft signal pass-through to the PCA® 400
  • Line-powered universal AC input

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  • Description

    Bacharach’s active sample conditioner is used to enhance the performance of the PCA® 400 Combustion and Emissions Analyzer in heavy industrial and commercial settings. The PCA® 400 provides accurate readings for CO, O2 and NO with a standard probe. Bacharach also offers optional VitonTM tubing with the sample conditioner to eliminate sample dropout, ensuring accurate results in applications where NO2  and SO2 measurements are necessary. The sample conditioner removes water vapor from the stack gas sample, preventing the formation of water droplets inside the analyzer’s probe hose. Water in the sample hose could absorb a portion of the gas sample and result in lower than actual readings of NO2 and SO2. The water extracted from the gas sample is pulled out of the thermoelectric (Peltier) cooler and into a water catch pot. The dry, conditioned flue-gas sample is then passed through to the PCA® 400 for analysis, ensuring a clean, dry, accurate air sample.  This also prevents water passing into the instrument and possibly damaging the sensors or other components.

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