MVR-SC Controller

Centralized Controller for Refrigerant Leak Detection
  • Centralized monitoring for multi-occupant applications utilizing the MVR-300 VRF Refrigerant Gas Detector
  • At-a-glance visualization of whole system alarm, fault, or connectivity status
  • Continuously monitors up to 100 connected devices for alarm and fault conditions, ensuring and warning in case of any disconnect
  • Rolling event log of 100 most recent events (alarms, faults, connectivity, etc.) saved to SD card
  • 1 Alarm Relay; 1 Fault Relay; automatic system action to be taken for fault or alarm condition via built-in relays
  • Self diagnostics and simple field calibration for easy maintenance
  • Commissioning via dynamic device pairing and remote Modbus auto-assign save

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  • Description

    The MVR-SC Refrigerant Leak Monitor provides centralized monitoring and alarming for multi-occupant applications utilizing the MVR-300 VRF Refrigerant Leak Detector. The MVR-SC continuously monitors all connected gas detectors for alarm and fault conditions, and will provide alerts via the integrated color touchscreen display, integrated buzzer, and on-board relay outputs.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Large refrigerant leaks into occupied spaces can reach concentrations that pose a suffocation risk to the occupants. The MVR-300 is not designed to be used as the sole safety device for this risk. Safety of the occupants also must take a system designed approach that includes things such as ventilation, detection, early warning, mitigation and design redundancy.

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