Monoxor® Plus CO Analyzer

Advanced Carbon Monoxide Analyzer for Commercial Applications
  • Measures ambient CO levels for safety and indoor air quality tests
  • Measures CO flue gas directly from boilers, furnaces, or gas appliances
  • Automatic CO alarm alerts technicians to potentially dangerous levels of CO
  • View real-time CO readings in graphical or standard formats
  • IrDA printer allows technicians to reproduce combustion and emissions reports in the field
  • Dual thermocouples inputs for differential temperature capability
  • Quick and easy B-Smart® Sensor replacement in the field reduces downtime and doesn’t require calibration gas


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CO, carbon monoxide
  • Description

    The Monoxor® Plus is the perfect instrument for home/safety inspectors, maintenance personnel and HVAC contractors who need to monitor CO in ambient air or stack gases. It has many advanced features, including a trending graph with real-time value displayed, minimum and maximum measured values, and ability to log a 15-minute CO ambient test.

    The CO sensor is quickly replaced in the field without down time using B-Smart® pre-calibrated sensors. The Monoxor® Plus can also be used to measure ambient and flue gas temperatures, using optional thermocouple accessories. There’s even an available NOx filter to provide more accurate CO readings in flue gas applications.

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