Sixteen Channel Alarm Controller
  • Control system for up to 16 transmitters
  • Large LCD shows real-time gas concentrations, sensor information
  • Complete calibration functionality
  • Non-volatile memory retains all configuration data
  • Optional discrete channel alarm relays
  • Description

    The GDA-1600 Controller offers premier performance and functionality in a standalone controller. From one to sixteen channels, the GDA-1600 is designed to provide operators the most detailed, real-time information about gas concentrations throughout the facility. Information is relayed via a large LCD that shows real-time gas concentrations, sensor location, sensor type and historical data trends.

    Each GDA-1600 channel has three independent, user-programmable alarm threshold values that allow for flexibility in alarm notification. When alarms occur, operators are notified via LED alarm indicators on the front panel, clearly showing the location and status of the alarm. Two internal relays can be utilized to control fans, horns, or beacons when alarm thresholds in specific areas are exceeded.

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