Insight® Plus Combustion Analyzer

Handheld Combustion Analyzer for Commercial Applications
  • Industry-exclusive Tune Rite® on-demand HVAC “assistant”
  • Measures O2, CO (w/NOx filter), stack/air temperature and draft/pressure
  • Exclusive B-Smart® pre-calibrated CO sensor for easy field replacement
  • Standard 3 year O2 sensor
  • Compatible with the Bacharach Reporting App and iManifold Cloud
  • Nine standard fuels in North American configuration with option to add up to 2 additional fuels to the library
Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Flue Gases, O2, CO2, Flue
  • Description

    The Fyrite® Insight® Plus is the perfect tool for busy residential/light-commercial technicians who need to ensure safe operating conditions and determine combustion efficiency. Powered by innovative Tune-Rite® software (patent pending), the industry’s first-ever on-demand HVAC “assistant,” the Insight® Plus helps both new and seasoned technicians save money by making more thorough and efficient service calls.

    The Insight® Plus includes sensors for Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO), which includes a built-in NOx filter. The CO sensor can be replaced in the field without down time using B-Smart® pre-calibrated sensors. O2 sensors carry a 2 or 3 year warranty depending on the sensor installed. O2 sensors are field replaceable and do not require calibration. The Insight® Plus calculates values like efficiency, CO2* and CO air-free to help monitor combustion processes effectively and accurately.

    *Note: The Fyrite® Insight® Plus calculates CO2 value based upon other measured values during the combustion process. It does not measure CO2 directly.

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