B-Smart Pre-calibrated Sensors

Pre-calibrated Replacement Sensors for Combustion Analyzers
  • Pre-calibrated sensors eliminate the need to send equipment in for factory calibrations
  • Sensor replacement in minutes with simple B-Smart code entry
  • Save time and money by keeping your instrument in your hands and ready to work
  • Available for CO, NO, NO2, SO2
  • Compatible with Fyrite InTech, Insight Plus, PCA 400 and others


B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program


  • Description

    Bacharach's B-Smart sensors allow for easy field-replacement with a pre-calibrated sensor. Eliminate the need to send your equipment in for annual calibration, and always have your analyzer reading accurately and ready to go. Just snap in your sensor, enter the B-Smart code displayed on the sensor label, and get back to work. Each B-Smart sensor comes with a certificate of calibration for your internal compliance recordkeeping, giving you the confidence that your analyzer is accurate every time.

    B-Smart Sensors are available for the following gases:

    • CO
    • NO
    • NO2
    • SO2

    B-Smart sensors and the B-Smart sensor exchange program are available for the PCA 400, PCA3, Fyrite Insight Plus, Fyrite InTech, Monoxor Plus, PCA2 and Fyrite Insight.

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