Pioneering Combustion Analysis Since 1909

For over 100 years, Bacharach combustion analyzers have been made in America with a wealth of combustion analysis experience.

Founded by Herman Bacharach in 1909, the company initially focused its development and production on combustion analysis, air flow, and gas sensing instruments. Bacharach’s rich history with inventions, education, R&D initiatives, patented technologies, and corporate acquisitions makes it what it is today, a leading manufacturer of refrigerant and gas leak detection, from monitoring instruments and data solutions, to combustion and emissions analyzers.

Free 2-Week Trial

In an effort to familiarize technicians with the all-new PCA® 400, Bacharach is offering you the opportunity to try the analyzer for 2-weeks.

This no-obligation trial lets you put the PCA® to the test where it really counts – on the job site against your current analyzer. See for yourself how the PCA® will improve your ability to ensure proper and efficient combustion performance in any appliance. No credit card or purchase order required for participation.

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An Analyzer for Every Job

No matter the job at hand, Bacharach offers a combustion analyzer to meet your needs. Whether it's for working in the HVAC industry for commercial, industrial, or residential applications, you can find the combustion analyzer for your application. With over 100 years of pioneering combustion analysis, we offer a device to keep operations and homes running smoothly by measuring the efficiency of furnaces, boilers, burners, engines and generators to provide meaningful, confident test results.

Sensors Matter

Sensors are an essential part of combustion analysis. Using an actual O2 sensor provides: more accurate readings, quicker adjustments to appliances, and saves time and money

Bacharach’s B-Smart® sensors minimize analyzer downtime and factory service costs, providing you with pre-calibrated sensors so you can easily change them in the field and get back to what is most important to you!

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Tune-Rite® HVAC Assistant

Bacharach’s Tune-Rite™ is your exclusive on-demand “assistant”. Generate more business by making more thorough and efficient service calls. While Tune-Rite™ watches the combustion process along with you – in real time – determining if the system is operating within acceptable parameters. If it is, Tune-Rite™ will confirm. If the system is not performing in an acceptable range, Tune-Rite™ quickly provides helpful troubleshooting recommendations to adjust the system as needed.

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The Heating Efficiency Savings Calculator App illustrates the monetary savings over time after furnace tune-ups or provides an opportunity to recommend an upgrade.

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The Bacharach Reporting App works with the InTech and Insight Plus combustion analyzers, allowing information from the analyzer to be customized into a variety of portable formats.

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Bacharach is always on the lookout for improvements and new products, and will stay abreast of the times, climbing to greater attainment and success.

Bacharach Patents for Combustion Analysis Instruments