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Bacharach has a variety of content available to assist customers with their needs. From brochures and whitepapers to instructional videos, find it all here.

Draftrite®User manual (English)
ECA 450User manual – N. America (English) | (Spanish)
ECO-2020™User manual (English)
FM3700User manual (English) | (French)
Fyrite® ClassicUser manual (English)
Fyrite® INSIGHT® PlusUser manual (English) | (Spanish) | (French) | (Dutch)
Tune-Rite™ Software Operation Manual
Tune-Rite™ Quick Start Guide (English) | (Spanish) | (French)
Fyrite® InTech®User manual (English) | (Spanish) | (French)
Quick Start Guide (English) | (Dutch)
Fyrite® User SoftwareFyrite™ User Software Installation/User Manual (English) | Spanish | French
GDA-1600Instruction Manual
BACnet Adapter Instructions
GDA-400Instruction Manual
H-10 PROUser manual (English)
H25-IR PROExternal Filter Upgrade Instruction
Informant® 2User manual (English) | (Spanish) | (French)
IrDA PrinterIrDA Printer Manual (English) | (Spanish) | (French)
Leakator® 10User manual (English)
Leakator® JrUser Manual (English)
Mechanical Oil/Gas Testing KitsFyrite® Classic user manual (English)
MZF Draft Gauge user manual (English)
Tempoint® user manual (English)
True Spot® user manual (English)
MGD-100User Manual
Quick Start Guide (English) | (German) | (Spanish) | (French) | (Italian) | (Dutch)
MGS-150User Manual
MGS-Controller Manual
Quick Start Guide (English) | (German) | (Spanish) | (French) | (Italian) | (Dutch)
MGS-Controller Quick Start Guide (English) | (German) | (Spanish) | (French) | (Italian) | (Dutch)
MGS-250User Manual
Quick Start Guide (English) | (German) | (Spanish) | (French) | (Italian) | (Dutch)
MGS-550User Manual (English)
Installation Guide
Sensor Installation Guide
Monoxor® PlusUser manual (English)
MVR-300User Manual
Installation Guide
Multi-ZoneUser Manual
Quick Start Guide
Instructions - Splitter Kit
Instructions - Four Port Expansion Kit
Instructions - Gas Verification Kit
Instructions - BACnet Converter Kit
Instructions - LonWorks FT-10 Communications Adapter
Instructions - JCI Metasys N2 Network Adapter
Instructions - Remote Display
MZF Draft GaugeUser manual (English)
PCA®3User manual - North America (English) | (Spanish)
User manual – Siegert (English) | (French) | Dutch
PGM-IRManual - Halogens (with bladder bag) (English) | (French)
Manual - Halogens (new style - bagless)
Manual - CO2
Manual - N2O
Manual - SF6
Instructions - Battery Pack
Instructions - Charcoal Filter Replacement
Single-ZoneInstruction Manual
Sling PsychrometerUser manual (English)
Tru Pointe®User manual (English) | (French)
Tru Pointe® 1100User manual (English)
Tru Pointe® 2100User manual (English)
Tru Pointe® IRUser manual (English)
Tru Pointe® UltraUser manual (English) | (French)
User manual – HD (English) | (French)
True Spot® Smoke DetectorUser manual (English)
AGM300AGM300 IR Bench Replacement Instructions
Comfort Chek®User Manual (English)
Comfort Chek® 400User manual (English)
Dioxor IIUser Manual (English)
Flue Gas ConditionerUser Manual (English)
FM3600User manual (English)
Installation of Replacement LED Kit
Fyrite® INSIGHTUser Manual (English)
User Manual (French)
User Manual (Spanish)
User Manual - Siegert (English)
User Manual - Siegert (French)
Manual Zero and Print Memory Range Feature Addendum (N. America & Siegert)
Fyrite User Software Installation/User Manual (English)
Fyrite User Software Installation/User Manual (French)
Fyrite® ProUser Manual (English)
User Manual (French)
User Manual - European (English)
Quick Start Guide (English)
Quick Start Guide - European (English)
Fyrite® Tech 60User Manual (English)
User Manual - Siegert (English)
Quick Ref Guide (English)
Quick Ref Guide (French).pdf
GDC-150User Manual (English)
GDC-350User Manual (English)
GDX-150User Manual (English)
GDX-350Instruction Manual
Calibrated Sensor Replacement Instructions
Un-Calibrated Sensor Replacement Instructions
H-10 GUser Manual (English)
H-10 PMUser Manual (English)
H25-IRUser Manual
Hi Flow® SamplerUser Manual (English)
User Manual (Russian)
HGM300HGM300 Power Supply Replacement
HGM300/RDM800 Refrigerant Gas Monitoring System
Connecting Multiple RDM800's to the HGM300 Monitor
Connecting Multiple HGM300 Monitors to a Personal Computer
HGM300 / RDM800 Preventive Maintenance and Technical Support
HGM300 - Johnson Metasys N2 Communications Instructions
HGM300 - Johnson Metasys N2 Communications Mapping
HGM300 - LonWorks FT-10 Communications Instructions
Testing HGM 300 with Gas Verification Kit Using PC Software
HGM300 - Adding Additional Manifolds
HGM300 IR Bench Replacement Instructions
Testing the HGM-300, HGM-MZ and HGM-SZ Using the Gas Verification Kit
IAM-100Instruction Manual
Quick Start Guide (English)
IEQ Chek™User manual (English)
IEQ Chek™ Software User Manual (English)
Informant®User Manual (English)
Leak Detection Tips
LS-20BUser Manual
MGS-350User Manual (English)
Monoxor® IIUser Manual (English)
Monoxor® IIIUser Manual (English)
Nonoxor IIUser Manual (English)
Odorometer®User Manual (English)
Oxor® IIUser Manual (English)
Oxor® IIIUser manual (English)
PCA®User Manual (English)
User Manual (French)
User Manual - European (English)
PCA® 2User Manual (English)
Portable ManometerUser Manual (English)
Pur•Chek™User manual (English)
Pur•Chek™ ProUser manual (English)
R•22 idUser manual (English)
Snifit®+User manual (English)
Snifit Model 40User Manual (English)
Snifit®50User manual (English)
Stinger (blue version)User Manual (English)
User Manual (French)
User Manual (Spanish)
Stinger (yellow version)User Manual (English)

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