Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation System

Reduce carbon and HVAC load, save energy, and improve kitchen comfort.
Don’t let your profits go up in smoke!

The Challenge

Commercial kitchens are running industrial exhaust fans continuously throughout operating hours. Conditioned air is exhausted out of the building at rapid rates, resulting in increased emissions and energy use.

The Solution

The MSA Bacharach® BVC-650 Control System has been specifically designed for NEW and RETROFIT store applications, providing automated control over the ventilation system by adjusting exhaust and kitchen HVAC inlet air in response to the presence and level of cooking activity. Based on the temperature inside the exhaust hoods, the BVC-650 Control System maximizes kitchen ventilation energy efficiency and reduces energy waste while improving kitchen comfort.

icon tools
Quick and simple installation
icon bvc 650
One controller monitors up to three exhaust hoods
icon gas electric
Works with gas or electric kitchen appliances
icon ROI
Average installed ROI is 1-2 years based on climate
icon connected solutions 1
Real-time connectivity for visibility, alarming, and optimization

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