Guides and Checklists

Bacharach's EPA section 608 refrigerant compliance checklist and guidelines

EPA 608 Refrigerant Compliance Checklist

With revisions of the EPA Refrigerant Recycling and Emissions Reduction Program in effect from January 2019, it’s important to understand what’s required. This useful EPA checklist outlines; record keeping, leak rate calculations, equipment leak thresholds, leak repair time frames, leak inspection requirements, retrofit and retirement timescales, and chronically leaking appliance reporting.

Bacharach's "CARB Compliance Summary for Refrigerant Equipment Owners" document

CARB Compliance Summary for Refrigerant Equipment Owners

The CARB Compliance document provides a high-level summary of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Refrigerant Management Program (RMP) regulations. The document provides information in how the CARB regulations will effect you as a refrigerant equipment owner.

Bacharach's "How to create a refrigerant management strategy" guidebook

How to Create a Refrigerant Management Strategy

The guide is a self-help tool to improve on operating costs, equipment performance and operating margins. It explains the essential step-by-step considerations for developing an individual strategy for Refrigeration Management. From supermarket to grocery store, the guidebook takes you through key stages of the process.